Feb 25, 2015

OR GameCast #20: Job Interview, New Guitar Hero, and Hand Of Fate

Description: Click this link to listen to the full podcast: https://ia601504.us.archive.org/11/items/ORGC20FINAL/ORGC_20_FINAL.mp3
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Script of Video Preview: Hey Nick here with episode 20 of the ORGameCast. This week Quinn and I talk about checking out your local library, Quinn's job interview, Batman, a more realistic Guitar Hero, Hand of Fate, and finish the podcast talking about video game themed restaurants, and bars after seeing a picture of a new Pac-Man themed restaurant shown here. So click the link in the description for the full podcast. Also click the Amazon link as well, and buy whatever you want! Money earned goes towards Quinn and I's weird twisted interests.

Feb 23, 2015

Indie Mon: Ocean City Racing

Description: 200th video right here! I didn't plan it out, but it turned out to be the silliest Indie Mon yet! Take out your car keys because we're playing Ocean City Driving! Subscribe, and let me know if there are any indie games you'd like to see on Indie Mon!

Script: Hello Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. You don't normally think of racing games when it comes to Indie, but I got one right here called Ocean City Racing. Look even the Steam page says no publisher Indie. And look! It's only $2.99 on Windows.

I should mention that price again. $2.99. Since there were many times I thought this isn't that great of a racing game... oh wait it's only $2.99. It's actually a fine racing game. It's just I have access to better ones. I mean why can I use my controller every where except for the menus!???..... oh right. $2.99.

I started my journey with the free roam mode where I can walk around and talk to the locals. Uh are you ok? It's ok lady just relax no need to get antsy. Sir what are you doing on the subway tracks?

So I find a parked car, and hop right in. Then I drive, and drive. Really what else would you expect in a free roam mode. Let's move on to the racing mode. Here we go! Nothing but racing opponents, and I gotta say this map is actually pretty detailed for $2.99. This amount of detail is at most worth $5.99. There's also a time trial mode if you don't like racing other people.

So the game is wonky, and the car physics are not realistic what so ever. I guess wonky is a nice way of putting it, and a lot of people would say this game is just bad. That price tag just keeps staring at me though. *ghost voice* $2.99!

The soundtrack is actually descent. Perfect dad rock soundtrack. This one song reminds me of that song from the cartoon movie Heavy Metal. Well it did at least while I was playing it. Still I can't complain about the soundtrack since I'm into the rock genre.

Overall Ocean City Racing is for someone that wants a simple racing game for a cheap price. If you already own a well known racing series like Test Drive, Driver, Burnout, Need For Speed, Forza....... Jet Moto, Crash Team Racing, and hell even Shaun Palmer Snowboarding had a racing mode. Then you can stick with them, but HEY! They're not indie, and indie is what we do on Mondays.

Feb 20, 2015

Free Game: The Old Tree

Description: Time for another free game! The Old Tree is available on Steam for FREE! Take a moment, and enjoy the creepy setting as you guide your apple baby head friend on its way. The Old Tree blends a haunting atmosphere with a classic point and click game play.

Check out The Old Tree here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346250/

Script: Hey Nick here with another free game for you. This time I'm playing the creepy puzzle game The Old Tree available on Steam for Windows and Mac.

Interesting game right here. You must help this apple baby head crawly thing get to where it needs to go. You don't control this thing, but you are here to help clear things that are in its path. This can be figuring out how the elevator works, or get a robot chef to leave the room.

Sounds easy right? Well ya... it is. It's very easy, but I don't think that really matters. I think the goal is for you to enjoy the creepy atmosphere as you discover this new world, and help your new friend. It feels more like an art piece than a game.

The game being easy isn't the only reason I say it's like an art piece. Another reason I would say is the fact that I beat the game in 10 minutes. Not very common for me to take more time writing the script for a video than actually playing the game the video is based on.

That being said I did enjoy the ten minutes to see where this game was going. I liked the overall feel of the game, and enjoyed figuring out easy to solve puzzles. Plus like I mentioned at the beginning is this video the game is free! I recommend it, but this is a game where you know if you'll want to spend the time downloading and playing by just watching this video.

Feb 19, 2015

OR GameCast #19: Friends Netflix, This Is The Police, and Zelda Wind Waker

Hey Nick here with the OR GameCast number 19. This week Quinn and I talk about: My waking habits, the TV Shows Friends, The Last Guardian, This Is The Police Kickstarter, Zelda Wind Waker, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, and our favorite video game that starts with the letter J. So check out the link to the full podcast right below and the Kickstarter to This Is The Police that's also right below as well.

Click this link to listen to the full podcast: https://ia601505.us.archive.org/33/items/ORGC19Final/ORGC_19_Final.mp3
This Is The Police Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/43328422/this-is-the-police
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Feb 16, 2015

Indie Mon: Super Panda Adventures

Super Panda Adventure time on this week's Indie Mon! Become a kung fu master who happens to be a panda as you try to save the princess you find out things are becoming more mysterious in the world of Super Panda Adventure. Check it out on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/311190/

Feb 11, 2015

OR GameCast #18: OR Turns 6, End Of Joystiq, and Steam's Cosmetics

Click this link to listen to the full podcast: https://ia902600.us.archive.org/26/items/ORGC18Final/ORGC_18_Final.mp3
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Feb 10, 2015

Free Game: Mr. Fish's Awful Adventure

Here's a free game (or pay what you want) for you! Mr Fish's Awful Adventure puts you in the role of Mr. Fish as you leave your house, and see what adventures brings to you.

To download Mr Fish's Awful Adventure head over to this link: http://nanolotl.itch.io/mr-fishs-awful-adventure

Let me know if you can beat my time of six minutes!