Mar 30, 2015

OR GameCast #24: Peaking, Quinn's Personal Life Drama, and Bloodborne

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Script: Hey Nick here with episode 24 of the ORGameCast. Quinn and I had a lot of catching up to do as we talked about us peaking, my trip to northern Wisconsin, Quinn's work fiasco, Oceanhorn, Bloodborne, and wrap it up with talking about the most famous person we've seen in real life. Click the link in the description for the full podcast, and click the Amazon referral link to help out the podcast. This week's link will bring you to Bloodborne.

Indie Mon: Hexcells

Description: Kick back for a relaxing puzzle game called Hexcells today. Well relaxing in the Sudoku sense. Hexcells puts you in charge of what hexagons need to be changed, or not. I want to say a blend up of Sudoku and Minesweeper.

Script: Hey Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. Taking a look at the puzzle game Hexcells available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $2.99.

Yesterday I had a headache, and was searching for a game that I could play to get my mind off of it. I wanted something without action, and I wanted to listen to some of my own relaxing music. I knew a puzzle game would be a perfect fit, and that's how I came across Hexcells. So I put on my music, and got right to the relaxing world of math.

Hexcells is a game where a bunch of hexagons come together, and you must figure out if the orange hexagons are blue, or a number. Sound simple sure, but how does one figure out this crazy math! Each puzzle starts off showing some numbered hexagons. This number is equal to the amount of blue hexagons that are touching it. So if it says four that means four blue hexagons are touching, and if it says zero then that means no blue ones are touching.

Let's stay with the zero example for a little bit. So if it says zero then you'll want to right click all the hexagons that are touching it. This gives you more options to play around with as it opens up more of the playing field. For another example lets move on to if the hexagon says one. Since this one already is touching a blue hexagon then you can right click on all the other hexagons touching this hexagon with the number one.

Hexcells was a great way to just kick back, and play a mindless game that actually requires some brainpower. Think of it like a Sudoku, or word search puzzle. You're using your brain, but it's not something you have to concentrate too hard on.

As Hexcells carried on it added more rules to it. One for example was having numbers at the top, or sides of the puzzle. When you see this number that's telling you how many blue hexagons are in that row. There's more to the world of Hexcells, but that's for you to find out about.

It took me a little over two hours to beat Hexcells, and I was kind of sad it was over so soon. I want more puzzles! I really enjoyed my time figuring out these puzzles, and think if you're a fan of Sudoku puzzles, or puzzles in general you'll enjoy Hexcells. Worth the price of $2.99, and worth your time.

Mar 25, 2015

Review: Oceanhorn

Script: Hey Nick here with a review of the game Oceanhorn available on Windows over at Steam for $14.99. Also for iPhone and iPad for $8.99. For this review I played it on Steam.

When writing a review I try not to describe a game by saying it's like another game. In this case I feel I don't have a choice though. Oceanhorn has so many similarities to The Legend of Zelda series from collecting heart pieces too this guy who looks a lot like another familiar character. Not a big deal really since the game makers were just heavily influenced by Zelda I'm guessing, but hard for me not to bring up Zelda in this review.

Oceanhorn has you going around to different islands to find items, and spells so you can battle the sea monster that's named Oceanhorn. Each island has puzzles, enemies, treasure to collect, and sometimes boss fights. Half of the puzzles in the game were a good time, but the other half were usually too simple. Usually the puzzles just involved pushing around blocks, or touching a button. The enemies in the game were not that fun to be around, and I'm not just saying that because they were enemies. Most of the enemies were just not fun to destroy. Most of them just required you to put up your shield, wait for them to attack, and then hit them with your sword. The bosses in the game were pretty fun as it required more skill, and planning to conquer.

Maybe the enemies weren't boring. Maybe it was the controls. They were a bit sluggish. I always felt like my character should be moving a little faster. There's even a dash button, but it doesn't do much. Plus my stamina bar would run out quickly. I feel like Oceanhorn would be a lot better if the timing was fixed. Things are either too slow, or too fast. Waiting around for fire, or spikes to stop always felt like it took longer than needed. Then when they do stop it feels like I barely have enough time to get past it. The enemies walked around pretty slow, and took a couple hits to kill usually. Then the longest waiting part is the sailing portion of this game. You don't control the boat, but just wait until you get to the next island. You do get a cannon to shoot at things, but long sailing trips get a bit boring after awhile.

There were things I did enjoy with Oceanhorn. I enjoyed the music, and even the look of the game at points were stunning. I enjoyed going around finding new items to equip, and use. The game does a good job of giving you things to do as well. Each island has a set of side goals for experience points that you can complete. Then there's the leveling up system that gets you upgrades like holding more arrows. Then the final mention is that the game is beefy. Many islands, many people to see, many things to collect, and many things to do.

Final Say: This is a tough one because while the game is great looking, and did prove to be fun at parts. There's just too many negatives for me to say it's a great game. I still don't think you should scrap it from your brains, but looking for a sale is the best path I could put you on.

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Mar 23, 2015

Indie Mon: Swipecart

Script: Hello Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. Taking a look at the game Swipecart that's available on Steam for $2.99 and for iPhone and Android for 99 cents. Of course I'm playing it on Steam.

Enter your name in and get started! Race to the finish in this mine cart maze. The object is to get your driver to the end, and coming to a full stop. Seriously you need to come to a full stop, and not go flying off a cliff.

At the beginning of the level there's a track to gain speed by using your mouse to swipe to the left on your cart. After you reach the end of the beginning track you can't go any faster unless you use the track itself like a downward slope or a boost track. You do however have control over the breaks. Swiping on the cart will slow it down, and if done enough you'll come to a stop.

Pretty simple until they start adding obstacles. Be careful of see saws, these bumps you have to wheelie over, and my least favorite the timed blocks. Many yelling of "ARG!" over that one.

Swipecart is a fun time as you guide your cart through the trouble mess of the mines. Each level you complete you'll get a badge for gold, silver or bronze, but I don't care about that. I care about how much better I am than everyone! At the bottom of the completed level screen it'll tell you exactly that! One time I was in the top 2%! I mean I don't have video of it, but you believe me right?

There is custom tracks you can ride that other players have made. The ones I played were not that great, but I can't blame you. I was in the editor for a little bit, and my skills and patience to make a good level are not there. It's nice to have the option to build your own levels, and play others though!

There's also gems you can collect during your time that can be spent at the shop. Buying gear, and carts to make your time with Swipecart more stylish.

I enjoyed Swipecart, and the only complaint I have is at the beginning of the level it shows this preview screen where it scrolls through the level. I'm fine with this the first time. Every time I would have to restart I would have to click through it again. Not a big deal since it's not like I had to sit through a loading screen, but somewhat of an annoyance. I'd like to be able to restart instantly.

Still for $2.99 it's a fun time especially for all the competing possibilities you can have with your friends. It's a simple, but certainly tough at points type of game that is a good deal.

Mar 19, 2015

OR Talks Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Description: Finally got a chance to play Zelda: The Wind Waker HD even if it came with my Wii U! It's a grand adventure with Link, Zelda, and all sorts of characters while we travel the seas, go into dungeons, and find new gadgets on your way!

Script: Hey Nick here talking about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD remake on the Wii U. I never owned a Gamecube, and never got a chance to play this Zelda game. I didn't know much going in except I knew the graphics were more cartoony, and there was sailing around at parts.

That part turned out to be more true as it seemed like. I ended up sailing around for many hours of the whole game. Some of the sailing around discovering new things was fun, but there were times it felt like a drag. It's not until later on in the game where I unlocked a song I could play to travel to different parts of the sea. I really appreciated getting that, but wished it came at an earlier point of the game. I'm not against exploring around, but there was parts I would travel for what seemed like a couple of minutes to somewhere for something small, and then have to travel the same distance again going back. Might sound like it's not a big deal, but the sea at points doesn't have a lot going on.

That's my main complaint about the game, and the rest of the game I feel makes up for it. It was an exciting journey! There's something about Zelda games where everything feels like a grand adventure. The characters are always fun, and the music is amazing. I really got into the story, and seeing what would happen next. Sure most of it is predictable since it's a Zelda game, but the excitement was still there to be enjoyed.

The Wii U gamepad is amazing, and perfect for this game. I'm not sure if I can go back to playing Zelda games without it. On the Wii U pad you can look at your map, and change your weapons without pausing the game. Not a big deal right? Well, wrong! Later on in the game some dungeons require a lot of different items to be used throughout it. Being able to swipe, and assign a weapon quickly without pausing feels so great. In other Zelda games you'd have to pause the game, and swap it then. Which would break up the gameplay a tad. I'm really glad to have the Wii U pad as it made the game feel very fluid.

There's something about the puzzles in Zelda where they're some of the best out of all of the games I've played in my life. I think the point I just made about loving the adventure with Link, and Zelda really helps. You kind of feel like you're in the game figuring out these puzzles. You might be thinking well that's the point of most video games. I agree, but I never feel so glued to the characters as I do with Zelda. I just think of Link and Zelda as two of the most badass characters of all time.

I thought it was going to take me fifteen hours to beat Wind Waker, but I was way off. It at least took me double that time. This game is beefy, and there's still many things to do that I missed. Also once you beat the game you can play it again, and the game will be a little different. Links clothes will be different, and all the characters that spoke in a Hyrulean language will now speak in English. Not game changing and not enough to get me to play again, but it's better than nothing.

Overall I really enjoyed my time with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD remake. It's another grand adventure to the Zelda series, and it got me excited for the next game in the franchise. If you have a Wii U it's a game that needs to be checked out if you never got a chance to play it on the Gamecube.

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Mar 18, 2015

OR GameCast #23: Apps, Lars and the Real Girl, and Favorite Racing Games

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Script: Hey Nick here with the ORGameCast episode 23. This week Quinn and I talked about: Our own Clap App, Lars and the Real Girl, the Netflix original show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Nintendo mobile, the old Rare team getting back together, Mighty Switch Force, How do you do it?, Counter Striking up a convo with people who watch us stream, and end it talking about our favorite racing games. Click the link in the description for the full podcast, and please click the Amazon referral link to help out the podcast.

Mar 16, 2015

Indie Mon: Hotline Miami 2

Description: This week I'm playing Hotline Miami 2. A mixture of weapons at your disposal, and all the rage you could ask for. Also a great soundtrack. I repeat! A great soundtrack! So come check out Hotline Miami 2 with me.

Script: Hey Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. I'm playing Hotline Miami 2. It's Available on Steam for all operating systems, and Playstation 3 thru 4 including the Vita for $14.99.

I've been waiting a good amount of time for Hotline Miami 2 to come out. I enjoyed the first one, and still listen to some of the songs off the soundtrack to this day. Can a sequel live up to the first game, and will it have just as good of a soundtrack? Well yes. It does exactly that.

Hotline Miami 2 puts you in the role of a couple different people as you murder your way to the end. Yes it's violent, but you saw my little warning at the beginning. I knew your curiosity would get the best of you. The story in Hotline Miami 2 was more memorable than the first game's. There were moments I wanted to get the story part over with just to get to the next level. There's a skip story button you can press if you need it, but the story is good for the most part.

The levels were designed nicely as you try to figure out the best plan to get to the most people. There's so much you can do in any level for the most part. Sure there's some characters, or masks that don't allow weapons, but most characters let you use a wide arrange of weapons. So do you use as many bullets as possible to get a long range, but risk running out of bullets? Maybe you could try to use a blunt object so it doesn't make any loud noises attracting other enemies to come rolling your way.

Hotline Miami 2 does a good job keeping things interesting. It requires you to use different characters with unique talents. There's also many settings these levels take place in. One moment you're in the jungle, and the next you're in the hottest nightclub in the area.

The soundtrack. What's there to say about it? It lives up to the first game, and I couldn't be more happier about it. It did so well keeping an intense environment while you worked your way into each level.

The game lived up to my hype towards it. Hotline Miami 2 is great, and the only thing I could mention on the downside is that there would be a dog doing circles once in awhile in a glitchy way. Not a big deal since when I got close, it would snap out of it. Hotline Miami 2 is a must play for fans of the first one, and if you haven't played either you need to change that.

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