Feb 19, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: World Tour Soccer

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: World Tour Soccer

Since this is the first Clearance Bin Video Game Review, let me explain:
1. Review of games (new or old) in a clearance bin
2. I guess that's it

Game: World Tour Soccer
System: PSP
Rated: E
How much did I pay: $6.99

I was in Blockbuster when they were having a deal. You buy one get one free on games that were $14.99 or less. I ended up getting 8 games during this sale. In the pile I was looking at, I came across World Tour Soccer for the PSP. I'm not a big soccer fan, but I do like it better than other sports out there. I decided to get it, even if it did not have the PSP case, they gave me a DVD case (This looks weird with my other PSP games).

Review: World Tour Soccer is descent soccer game. It has a long loading screen before a match, but during the match it does not seem to load. The loading did not seem to be frustrating, if I had to take a guess it was 30 seconds. So what am I to complain about? Since the game did not come with a manual, I had to guess what each button did. After the first game I played and lost. I checked the option screen and saw a controls option. Now that I knew the controls I am back to play another game. Which I ended up loosing! I seem to keep getting penalties... and kicking the soccer ball way to far and past the net.

This is a good game for just picking up and playing anytime you want. Games do not take that long to complete (you can make it longer if you want). I think this game is something you might think about picking up (Especially if it's $6.99). That is if you are a soccer fan, if you have no idea what the rules of soccer are. You might get frustrated playing this game. I could not find the rules to soccer in this game and since I did not get a manual with this game. I could not tell you if the rules of soccer are in it. I am sure you could find the rules and how to play soccer on the internet.

Other Opinion: Looking at a couple different sites, World Tour Soccer got a pretty good review. There is also a World Tour Soccer 06 that might be worth checking out.

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