Feb 22, 2009

Story: The Who

Many of you probably know of the band The Who, it's a band that consists of Pete Townshend on guitar, Roger Daltrey on vocals, John Entwistle on bass, and Keith Moon on drums. If you don't know of the band, you should check them out.

The Who happens to be one of my favorite bands. As I was driving to work today around 2:30P.M. I was happily surprised that there was a block (3 or 4 songs from one artist) of The Who playing. I listened through the whole block. I got to work and when I got out at 9:00P.M. I was happily surprised again to hear another Who block(on another station, I think radios like to play lots of blocks during the weekend). During this second block they started playing a song that was on the first block. I thought to myself, "Oh I know what Who song I want to hear!" I put on my CD player in my car and play my favorite Who song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" I listened to it and when it was done I thought, "Now I don't know what to listen to, nothing compares to Won't Get Fooled Again." I turned the radio back on in search for music and I hit a station. That was playing... Won't Get Fooled Again! So I listened to it a second time.

I thought this was an amazing Who day, I went to tell my brother and there it was... he was wearing a Who shirt. I was like woah... this is awesome!

So it was a pretty great day.

Also as I was writing this blog, The Who - Amazing Journey started playing.


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