Mar 3, 2009


Been crazy and hectic with school and work. Just had to study for a midterm. I managed to memorize 40 pieces of art work, who they are by, and what time period their from. I get to taking the midterm and only needed to really know 5 art pieces. Oh well, now I know 40 pieces of art work.

Monday I had a snow day which was good. I got to shovel a little and spend some time with my girlfriend. My family and I ended up going to Applebees which I got a steak. Which I have been craving for awhile. Even with this snow day life has seemed to be busy.

I have so many video games I own, but I have not played. I just keep finding deals and buying games. Today I found a coupon for $20 of Red Alert 3, so I went and purchased that. Also Steam was having a sale over the weekend and I bought Lost Planet for $5. I also just started playing Pikmin for the Gamecube which so far has been awesome(Look for a review in the future). Also I was playing GTA 4, but it decided not to save 2 hours of playing. I just don't feel like doing the missions over again.

Heres a list of games I'm in the middle of playing:
1. Pikmin (GC)
2. Dead Rising (360)
3. Lost Planet (PC)

Heres a list of games I own, but have not played:
1. Red Alert 3 (PC)
2. Zelda (Wii)
3. Contact (DS)
4. Project Gotham Racing 3 (360)
5. Tomb Raider: Legend (360)
6. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (360)

And I'm currently Renting: Time Hollow (DS)

Most of the games on the list I have gotten for $5 to $10. So they get to be built up. I am looking forward to playing Red Alert 3 though because I played the first one when it came out and it was awesome. I'm not a big fan of RTS games, but I really enjoyed the orginal Red Alert. So hopefully Red Alert 3 won't be a disapointment.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day(School in morning and work at night) so I won't get to playing any games tomorrow. Unless I sneak my DS to work and start playing Time Hollow.


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