Mar 22, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Jet Set Radio Future

Title: Jet Set Radio Future
System: Original Xbox
Rating: T
How much: $5
Story of mine: This was actually a combo disk. It came with another game on the disk called Sega GT 2002. I did play this game and found it to be just like every other racing game out there. Just to put this out as a thought that $5 is getting you two games.

Review: I like playing the games that weren't big hits, so I can see if there is any buried treasure out there. Like you won't be seeing a review for Halo on this blog. This brings me to playing Jet Set Radio Future, which I remember was advertised a lot with the Xbox. I think I remember Xbox making this one of the games that would make people buy an Xbox. I'm not going to lie, this game looks awesome from the outside. Cool graphics, cool music, cool skaters, and cool graffiti, how could you go wrong?

First screen you see is a giant warning, saying graffiti is art, but don't do it. So I guess I should put the warning on this blog, so I don't get sued.


Good enough? Lets move on to the story. You play a skater (Rollerblade guy or girl) and the cops are mad. The cops are taking over the place! Skating and graffiti is the only way to win this battle. You need to get more skaters on your side to win. Jet Set Radio is this underground radio station that is to help you on your journey.

I think this is the first skate type game that I have seen with a health bar. When I first started playing I was like, "What is this bar? Is there a health bar in this game?" I was to soon find out that yes it was in fact a health bar.

You start out in tutorial land. When you get out of it, you're in the city and it's time to paint. Graffiti is your friend and you must go around collecting and spraying it around the city. After you're done that you chase down this guy and you have to race him! Win the easy race and TA DA! He is now part of your group. After he becomes in your group, the cops come and ruin the party.

Fighting the police goes as this:
1. Push cop
2. When cop is on the ground, go over to the cop
3. Spray cop with spray paint
4. Cop disappears?

That whole set up repeats and you keep getting people into your group.

The graphics in this game are awesome.

They have the cartoon look to them and that is great for this game. This game is not like Tony Hawk game or any other type of skating game. You can't even fall when you're grinding... actually I don't think I fell once. The graphics fit perfectly.

The music in this game is pretty cool as well.

Time to complain though and I am going to make a reference to another game review I did. The Simpson's Skateboarding also did this and this was that the player says something after every Ollie. In Jet Set Radio it isn't as bad though because it's just the skater yelling something short. It still was annoying after you jump about 100 times. Also to complain about is the jumping, it seemed like I couldn't have much control on how high I could jump. This would make it hard to get to places I needed to be. I found myself jumping too far over the platform I wanted to be on.

Final Words: I have played better skating games and I have played worst skating games. This one is right in the middle of the two. For $5 though and it comes with another game, it's a pretty good deal. If skating interests you one bit, I recommend this game. If not, I don't think you will enjoy it as much.

Other Opinions: Jet Set Radio Future got really good reviews from other places: 8.7 at GameSpot and 9.1 at IGN.


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