Mar 12, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Plok

Title: Plok
System: Super Nintendo
How much: Around $5
Story of me: I never heard of Plok until I was on one day. There was this one, that used a song from the game Plok. So I looked into it and saw that it was pretty cheap.

Review: You start out as this... guy and you wake up and go outside. You start saying, "Today is a day without worries." You then see that your flag has been stolen. Time to go on an adventure to find it.

This game is a descent game and it's a challenge to play. As you go around dodging enemies you get to a flag pole. Turns out it's not his flag, this makes him very mad. So on to the next level. You don't find your flag until you reach the first boss. Take out these guys and you get your flag. As you return home, you find all your other flags are now taken (Who wants to steal flags?). So the game goes on, I found it difficult because you can't control how high he jumps. If you press the jump button for a split second he will jump as high as he would if you held the jump button down. This can get frustrating because there is fish jumping, other things spitting rocks at you, logs rolling downhill and other enemies.

Fighting enemies is different in this game, than any other game I have seen before. This is how he fights: He rips his hands and feet off and throws them at enemies! So I made it sound much more violent than it actually is, but that is what hes doing. Don't get me wrong, this game is a family friendly game.

Actually the most violent thing in the game is when I found a present lying around. I thought it was just for extra points until I jumped on it. This giant ? comes over everything and I turn into Elmer Fudd! I get this shotgun and I can just blow away everything. Sadly the level ended shortly after I got this power up and it striped me of my shotgun.

I won't be able to say this game is difficult enough. There are two different difficulties: Normal and Child's Play. At first I assumed Child's Play was easier, but I thought back to that movie with Chucky in it. I tried them both and they seemed the same to me. I did make it farther in the game with Child's Play selected, so I am assuming this is the easier option.

I never made it to the ending, because I kept getting game overs. I did check out the ending and it looked pretty tough. The person playing made it seem easy though.

I did some research on Plok and found one website for it. Called The Only Plok! Site, so I entered and suddenly the music from the game was playing. I saw an image on there that made me think.

I tried searching for a Plok 64, but one doesn't exist. I couldn't even find anything about Plok being released on the Wii's WiiWare Arcade. Plok looks like a cult classic type of game, because I am seeing that people did like it.

Final words: Besides the difficulty, this game was pretty fun. The difficulty got frustrating quickly, but for people that like challenge, you will like it. For only $5, I think it's worth the cost. If enough people vote on Plok 64, maybe the dream will become reality.

Other Opinions: Checking out Gamespot it's saying that people really liked it and it got an 8.


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