Mar 17, 2009

The Cleveland Love Lockdown

According to people magazine, the upcoming Family Guy spin-off will feature rap megastar, Kanye West guest-starring in one of the episodes. In a bit of a parody of himself, West will be playing the character of a bottom-of-the-barrel, struggling-to-make-it rapper named Kenny West.

Kanye West is known to be a huge Family Guy fan, and is said to have been very enthusiastic in his debut voicing animation. West is such a big fan of the show that he has personally had Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane over to his home. The Grammy winner apparently also had a bit of creative input on his character, so we'll see just how comedic West can be when given the opportunity.

The producers were so proud of Kanye West that they were quoted as saying, "we could write him in to the next 21 episodes!"

The episode featuring Kanye West is expected to air a few weeks into the first season, which will be starting up sometime in the fall of 2009.

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