Mar 15, 2009

Covers of my favorite songs: Day Tripper

The Beatles... some say the best there will ever be. Well no matter what your opinion on the band, we all know that they have inspired a lot. There is one song by them that I love so much. That would be the song called Day Tripper. It's not 100%, but people are pretty sure the song is about the days Paul McCartney was experimenting with the drug LSD.

I found a bunch of covers of Day Tripper.

Cover 1: Whitesnake

I'm a big Whitesnake fan as well, but they turned Day Tripper Upside down. They made the guitar riff into a new guitar riff. Which is very similar to the original and they turned the song into a much different paced song. I did like it in the end, but it was not what I was expecting at all.

Cover 2: YMO

YMO also took Day Tripper and turned it inside out. Adding a lot of techno into it and keyboards. Sounds like a space traveling sound that would be played on the enterprise on Star Trek. It's interesting what they did with the guitar riff from the original song. They made it very quiet and seems like someone is playing it from another room. If you don't know the band YMO, I would compare them to Devo. I keep thinking that this cover song is by them.

Cover 3: Oasis & Pearl Jam

If you find an actual video of this playing and not just the awesome star wars image, that has been on the internet for ever. Please send the link to me and I will update the video.

This Oasis & Pearl Jam cover sticks to the root of the original song. The only thing really different is the solo they added to the song. It is nothing like the original solo of Day Tripper song. I really liked this cover, I liked the added guitar at the end too. I think this is one you should check out. I did want to see them playing their instruments live in a video though.

Cover 4: Cheap Trick

The Cheap Trick version is just like the original song except for the solo. I thought this one was a good one too. Being a fan of Cheap Trick and seeing this was pretty awesome. It's close, but I think I like the Oasis and Pearl Jam one just a little more, but I might change my mind.

Cover 5: David Cook

I've never actually watched American Idol, I didn't even think a song like Day Tripper would be on it. This got me curious how this would turn out. He mentions the Whitesnake cover and how it's going to be played off of that. He used a voice box during it, I did not really like it. I'm listening to what the judges had to say, they don't really agree with me. Except Simon the jerk judge, so I don't know if this makes me a jerk. I just enjoyed all of the covers better though. I'm just really surprised Day Tripper was on this show that mainly young people watch. I'm guessing they don't know who The Beatles are, but then again they are The Beatles. So maybe they are still very well known with today's generation.

Cover 6: Jimi Hendrix

Another video with just a picture showing sadly. This is going to be my favorite cover though. Jimi just adds his style of guitar to the riff. You can clearly tell Jimi is playing it. I'm not sure who is also singing with Jimi on this song. I think you should all check this cover out, especially if you're a Beatles and Hendrix fan.

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