Mar 31, 2009

How To Play With Smashing Pumpkins

Tearing up the charts in the nineties were the gothic definition of teenage angst, The Smashing Pumpkins, known for such wonderful melodies as “1979”, “Zero”, “Disarm” and “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”. The band featured Billy Corgan as lead singer, guitarist James Iha, D’arcy Wretzky on bass and Jimmy Chamberlin on drums.

As the grunge movement died out, The Smashing Pumpkins disbanded and went their separate ways. In 2006, Billy Corgan reunited with Jimmy Chamberlain and swapped out Iha and Wretzky with Jeff Schroeder and Ginger Reyes, recording the album Zeitgeist (with hit single, Tarantula). Unfortunately for Corgan, it was recently announced that drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has decided to break away and look for greener pastures, leaving Corgan alone with his band name, a few newbies and an empty drum set.

Chamberlain was quoted saying “I can no longer commit all of my energy into something that I don’t fully possess. I won’t pretend I’m into something I’m not. I won’t do it to myself, you the fan, or my former partner. I can’t just, ‘Cash the check’ so to speak.” Billy Corgan has yet to remark on the departure, but hopefully its eating him up inside and he can write a soul wrenching new song about it.

What’s left of The Smashing Pumpkins will be holding auditions for a new drummer April 10th in Los Angeles, CA. Those interested are suggested to email their background information, pictures of themselves (rocking would probably be helpful) and performance links to Act now before Billy Corgan goes the way of Axl Rotten and pisses on all the merit he and the band’s name accumulated over the years. Don’t act like it’s not possible. He wants a new drummer because a new album is being planned.

Source: Rolling Stone

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