Mar 17, 2009

New England's 22%

I was reading from this article that mentions New England has become the least religious region in America. Being from New England this sparked my interest, so I checked it out. 22% of the people from New England have no religion. The main point of the article was saying that New England passed the West Coast in having no religion. The West Coast is at 20%, but I believe the West Coast has a bigger population than New England so that should be taken into account as well.

This means that America is losing their religion all together in the very long run. I doubt everyone will give up on religion, but what would America be like without religion?

Churches: Would they keep all the churches? I'm sure they would because of the history behind it and maybe they will become a museum someday. This will make a lot of museums in the end run, would the country try and keep them all running? Would priests and pastors become the tour guides?

Holidays: Less holidays means less gatherings with family. In effort to connect with family members, America will invent new holidays.

-April 10, Fort Building day: Is the snow melting? Is it getting warmer? Get out there and build a nice tree house with Grandpa!
-June 2, Anger Day: Hey everyone is getting happy about Summer coming. We might get so happy well never get a grip over ourselves again! So take out Monopoly and play it with your family. The objective isn't to get Boardwalk, it's to see who gets upset first, throws the game upside down, build a nice little fire and burns the game to ash! (For ages 3 and up)
-September 5, Merry School Day: School is just starting for a lot of kids, so why not make the experience suck even worst, by having everyone in the family go to school! "Sit up straight! I can't believe you wore that shirt! Pay Attention!" "Yes mom...*sigh*"

People: No more people coming up to the door to talk about religion. Now that no one will probably ever ring your doorbell again, you can finally get things done. Well except for girl scouts, but usually delicious cookies are involved.

Also no more religious jokes, oh well... we will have to stick to the other types of jokes that are geared towards someone (gender, race, hair color, left handed, redneck, type of cell phone someone uses).

The Word "God": Oh my Kermit the Frog! Will replace Oh my god (OMG = OMKTF). The game genre "God games" will become "Slave games."

War: This one is tricky. Sure there are wars out there that are because of religious views. Would no religion take the word war out of the dictionary? I doubt it; people seem to get mad at each other at all sorts of different reasons. "OMKTF! YOU JUST KNOCKED OVER MY NACHOS! PREPARE TO DIE A CHEESY DEATH!"

That was just a little preview of what the future might hold for us.


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