Mar 28, 2009

Paris Hilton Fight!

I was logging into my Myspace where I saw an article, saying that Paris Hilton got into some sort of fight. I read the little blog she wrote and was very surprised that Paris Hilton likes Daft Punk.

You can read the blog here

The story is that she didn't like the music playing at a club. Got upset and complained to the hotel manager. The hotel manager sent her up to the DJ to ask him to change the music. The DJ refused and I guess his body guard came over and gave Paris a "Big Push." Paris Hilton's boyfriend got involved sticking up for her and it turned into a fist fight.

I don't know if this is what really happened, because this is only Paris Hilton's blog. So I haven't heard the DJ's side of the story. I think the most adult thing that could and should of happened was.

Paris: This music sucks! It's giving me a headache. Lets just leave here.

Who knows, maybe everyone in that club really enjoyed the music.

What would of happened if video games were involved: You're at a party and there is Rock Band. The people at the party keep on making you play the songs you do not like.

You: Hey! This music is FTL! Lets play some good music!
Kid at party: No man, this is the only music I play!
Your other friend: WTF Don't push my friend!
You: WTF! You guys are such noobs! Play some Blue Öyster Cult!
Other Kid: STFU! *Push*
Your friend: *Takes drum stick and lashes at guy that pushed you*
*Everyone is beating each other with these plastic instruments*
You: You only can play on easy! I don't see why you get to pick!

Luckily this hasn't happened to any of the Rock Band parties I've been too. Except for one time, someone tried to choke someone with a drum stick. I don't think hes coming to the parties anymore.

I still don't see why the body guard just came up to Paris and pushed her. Maybe he wasn't a big fan of her career.


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