Mar 24, 2009

Sonic is the name and speed is my game!

I hear the mail-truck today. I think I have some mail truck hearing-ability, because I always know when it's coming. Well that, or I hear it stopping, then going, stopping, and going. I quickly get up, cause I know I have a special thing coming and I see it at the top of the driveway! This was excellent, because the package I was getting couldn't fit in a mail box and when the mail "woman" is at the top of the driveway... well you can figure it out.

So I get this box that was the hardest package to open ever. If you look at the package you can see that it has this big envelope on it. That along with the rest of the box was covered in tape and I didn't want to jab it with something sharp. If I cut the Sega with a knife or something, I wouldn't be happy.

I finally open it and I have to dig away into the box to find anything. The seller on Ebay was very careful with this Sega and I am very happy! The box was filled with these bubble type packing things... no idea what they are called.

The Sega came with a cable connector, which connects to the cable input on the T.V. Not used to the old school technology, but I still hooked it up! I tested all the games I received and they all worked! So this Ebay transaction was a success! Now I just have to invest in more games.

Also hearing some of the sounds from the games, really hit my memory. "OMKTF! I remember this!"


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