Mar 9, 2009

Survivorman: Season One

I have the Netflix Instant Que on my Xbox and they recently added Survivorman: Season One. A friend of mine was telling me about the show. He was telling me how the man from Survivorman(Les Stroud) found some bear crap. I guess he took a nut from the bear crap and ate it. I was told that bears do not digest everything they eat, meaning the nut came out fine. This somehow sparked an interest in the show for me.

I must say that the show is cool to watch. I love watching him build necessary stuff, from fires to shelters. I was at work, when Sarah needed an Ice Pack. We didn't have one around, so I said to her, "I'm going to go Survivorman and make you an ice pack." I searched in the garbage can and found a Dunkin Doughnuts Styrofoam cup. The cup was too big for the freezer we have downstairs, so I cut that with a knife(After cleaning the cup). I now didn't have a lid, so I made one out of the Styrofoam scraps. Before doing this I filled the cup with cold water. I then taped the Styrofoam scraps on the cup and put it in the freezer. Now it's just the wait. 5 hours passed and I had forgotten about it, until a song by Foreigner came on. "You're as cold as ice... Speaking of ice! I forgot!" I said. I run downstairs and I am wondering if this will actually work.

Spoiler(highlight it): Turns out Styrofoam is an awful thing to freeze things in. Maybe that's why they put hot coffee in it! God I'm stupid!
The show is pretty cool though, but I have to complain about the one thing that annoys me the most. How the camera is used. I know he doesn't have a crew... but does he really need to set up the camera and walk a mile away and come back to get the camera? He should be showing us more on how to survive and not setting a camera up to watch a mile walk away and back to the camera.

Near the end of the season, it didn't seem like he was making it. The episodes near the end... well just seemed to end. You didn't see him going home or anything. You had to say to yourself, "Well there is another episode, so he must still be alive... right?"

The show did keep me glued to the T.V. and it is educational. Some people have told me that it's all fake. Which you think "Thanks for trying to ruin the show... jerk." Lets say that it is fake, they still teach you on how to survive. Which is the reason I am watching this show, if I wanted to see just people trying to survive. I would watch Survivor... which talking about fake.

Besides the walks away from the camera and the people trying to say it's fake. This show is really cool and I think everyone should check it out. Unless you have a weak stomach for someone peeling the fur off a bunny rabbit to use it as a sock/glove.


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