Mar 18, 2009

These Days Go By

As of late, my schedule has been rather tight and I've been regurgitating news stories from third party sites without my own unique touch to them. The minor exception to this is the piece on The Cleveland Show, which I at least summarized the article because I thought quoting the mediocre writing that was written verbatim would be a negative. Also, some of the news stories I've needed time to really wrap my head around, as they were just so shocking. So in the future, I'm setting a goal for myself not to throw out news without my own opinion on them, but for today, I'm going to recap my thoughts on the last handful of blogs done both by myself and my friend Nick.

New England Pwning Religion - OMKTF, the abolishing of organized religion will never occur. It's far more likely that the churches in America will reform and bring people back in. I would have started with the much more upbeat appearing "Buddy Christ"

But there seems to at least an attempt to hook 'em while they're young now. In fact, after seeing this trailer for Angel Wars, I'm a little tempted to find my lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
(You’re going to want to crank the volume up)

Kanye and Cleveland - I love me some Kanye West. Best active rapper in my opinion, but this show is jumping the shark before it even introduces itself. Family Guy has become too big for its own good, much like The Simpsons, and its legs are now beginning to crack and crumble under its own weight. I'll give The Cleveland Show a chance, but I'm going into the maze progressively unwinding a ball of yarn so I don't find myself stuck and lost in front of a Minotaur.

MacGyver Phoenix Rise - No matter how amazing or poor this movie turns out to be, I'm going to see it for the sole reason that it's going to acquire a cult atmosphere two weeks into its showing. I'm crossing my fingers that they can get some decent star power for the film so even if everything becomes too entangled and chokes on its own complications, it'll receive decent attendance and reviews from the mainstream. The role of MacGyver doesn't appear to be a necessary age-restriction, I'm kind of hoping that Richard Dean Anderson makes only a cameo appearance and passes the torch onto someone else to see how they can "MacGyver" the part.

My picks for MacGyver:
- Sean William Scott (who, based on his work in The Rundown, seems qualified for the role when he tones down his comedy, keeps the smuggness and does most of his own action work)
- Neil Patrick Harris (He's got a cult following just like MacGyver thanks to his resurgence in the Harold and Kumar films)
- Jared Padalecki (who was slated for a television series in 2003, Young MacGyver, probably because of the similar hair style)

It's A Clown - Remaking Stephen King's "It". It's about time. Great movie on paper, but does not stand up the tests of time, and apparently was too distant from the book in some instances, making certain things hard to follow. My biggest gripe with the original movie, baring one scene where he's a werewolf, Pennywise is always either light or a clown... but at the end he's a giant spider. Why couldn't they just kill him as a clown? I guess this made more sense in the book, so I hope they do something about this in the new film.

Day Tripper
- is awesome no matter who plays it. Give a three fingered monkey a guitar and the basic enough knowledge to play Day Tripper and it will come out amazing.

Radiohead vs. Miley
- Unless there are more details to this story than what's been going around, screw Radiohead. I'd understand if Miley Cyrus said to Radiohead "hey, let’s do some blow, make a sex tape, and then get some Thai food" and Radiohead collectively said "uh... we don't do that sort of thing", but from the sounds of it, she just wanted an introduction. Why be the loners in mainstream media and Hollywood? It's called Networking. Making small talk to your biggest fan isn't the same as collaborating an album with someone. I'm left wondering by these actions where Radiohead gets their level of self-entitlement. I liked Creep, but I guess it takes one to know one.

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