Mar 30, 2009

Video Game Review: Henry Hatsworth

Title: Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure
System: Nintendo DS
Rating: E
Before I started playing: Hey this is a combination between two of my favorite gaming genres. No idea what the game actually was though, when I put it on the list of games to try.
Quick Review: I enjoyed this game.
Review: There are games out there that try to be different and start something new. Really there is nothing in this game that is new. If you want a game formula look here.

Mario + Bejeweled + Zach and Wiki = Henry Hatsworth

Luckily all three of these games are excellent. Let me tell you about the equation. Mario because of the platform genre (talking about the old Mario games). Bejeweled because you match blocks together... just like Bejeweled. Lastly Zach and Wiki, because you are collecting clothing items in each stage, where in Zach and Wiki you collected treasure pieces of a pirate (sure there are many games like this).

The main story is, that there is this suit, it gets lost and you must get it. This evil professor tries to ruin your plan. So you're collecting clothing pieces, which gives you powers. For example: You receive pants, which allow you to climb up walls.

Now to what makes this game unique. Basically every enemy you kill is sent down to a puzzle below on the bottom screen of the DS. You then have to press X on the DS to go to puzzle mode. This brings the puzzle to the top of the screen and you must make a 3 way match, just like Bejeweled. If the enemies get to the top of the screen they come back to the top screen with you and hurts you.

I really enjoyed this whole set up, it was great. Now if you don't like puzzle games, stay away! Also this game does get pretty hard, I mean with the puzzle part and the platform part. They find many ways to make the game harder.

I have nothing to really complain about, this was a very solid game. I don't think many people know about it, which is really a shame. I think if you have a DS that usually means you like Puzzle games. So you should try this game out.

Other Opinions: Got a 9 on IGN, 8.5 on Gamespot, and got 5 stars on Amazon from 4 reviews.

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