Mar 11, 2009

Video Game Review: Time Hollow

Title: Time Hollow
System: Nintendo DS
Rating: T

Before I started playing: I think I read a preview or Amazon recommended Time Hollow for me. I've bought Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright 2 and 3 on Amazon. Time Hollow looked like a game I would like. I love the interactive novels on the DS like Phoenix Wright, Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory. So how can I go wrong with giving another one a chance.

Review: If you want the quick one sentence review then: I really enjoyed it. Now that we got that out of the way. Let me tell you about the game. You play as Ethen some high school kid that got a pen from his cat named Sox (Which I kept on thinking of lolcats, every single time I saw Sox). This pen can not only write on paper, but can also open up dimensions! After he gets this pen, he finds out both his parents are dead. Now that you have a pen that can go back into time, you have to save your parents. While you do this, other people become killed (His Uncle, a girl he has a crush on, each one of his three friends, one of his friend's sister, his friend's sister's best friend that has a crush on you, the waitress your friend has a crush on and so on) and your such a kind guy that you save them all!

The story to this game is very well done. At times it can get confusing, but you'll figure it out as the story goes on. There are twists in the story and so on that can be shocking. If you don't want a game for its story, then do not play this game. If you are into a type of story were everyone basically gets killed more than once except for you. Then go back into time to save them. Then I would say Play this game! It's not a violent game in visual art, the worst I saw was some blood on a girls lip.

Music: The music in the game is pretty creepy at time, but gets you in the game. This isn't a game when you can have, music playing in the background from your computer. You will only want to hear the game music, because it fits the story very well. My God though! It can sure get creepy!

Controls: You're probably wondering how do you make the time portal! You basically just draw a circle... Yay! (Check out the picture below for awesome time circle!)

Here is something I got annoyed with though. Not everything can be done with the control pad. Only half the things can be, you're going to be using the stylus a lot. I think they should of put in some sort of cursor you could control. The map screen you could switch to place to place by the top buttons. When you go somewhere, lets say you have to open a door. This is were you have to use the stylus. I have nothing against the stylus, but I like switching between using it and not.

Final Words: I didn't time myself, but I think I beat Time Hollow in 8 or 9 hours. I looked online and saw that this was the average time, some people took 12 hours I read.

If you are interested in the interactive novels, I think you should give Time Hollow a try. If you don't like interactive novels, (which I mean by interactive novels is that it takes no skill to play this game. You do occasionally have to use your brain, but it's an easy game to play) then try looking at a different game.

Other Opinions: I looked on Amazon (Which was a very bad idea, because they listed many more games like Time Hollow to me. They tell me to check out about 6 similar titles) and it got a 4.5 out of 5, but there were only 7 reviews.


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