Apr 8, 2009

Best Of BLS - Skullage

Black Label Society Best Of CD!

Due out April 21, 2009 will be a CD/DVD deluxe package of Black Label Society's greatest hits titled Skullage. You may have heard smatterings about the band, but anyone who knows rock and metal knows Zakk Wylde.

Zakk Wylde for the last twenty years made his claim to fame as guitarist for a little icon known as Ozzy Osbourne. In 1987, Osbourne picked the New Jersey guitarist to replace Randy Rhoads. Since teaming up with Ozzy, Wylde formed Black Label Society and is widely considered one of the best guitarists of this generation. But when you worship the likes of Hendrix and Jimmy Page like Wylde does, you have to strive for their level of greatness.

Wylde has become not just the figurehead for his band, but seemingly for the entire modern metal genre these days. From making appearances on Guitar Hero, to Wrestling Society X, and even Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Wylde is a consistently busy family man with a penchant for the f-bomb in casual talk. A humorous example of this is from an interview he did for Live-Metal.net about doing the motion animation for Guitar Hero:

"Oh, it was f**kin’ hysterical, dude. Gay. You had to put the f**kin’ suit on with the f**kin’ LEDs on it. It’s like a black jumpsuit with all these f**kin’ things on it. Dude, it was f**kin’ hysterical. We were all f**kin’ crying laughing when I was doing it. You’re up on the screen, you can see yourself. We were just doing the gayest s**t, too. I was like f**kin’ humping the guitar, f**kin’ having sex with myself, f**kin’ ramming shit up my ass. [laughs] We were f**kin’ all on the ground, f**kin’ crying. We were just drinking beers, doing the whole f**kin’ thing. We had a blast when we did it."

If you want in on the going while it's good, there's never any better way than to check out the "best of" album of a band. The following is the track listing for Skullage:

1.) Machine Gun Man
2.) Dead As Yesterday
3.) All For You
4.) 13 Years Of Grief
5.) Bleed For Me
6.) Doomsday Jesus
7.) Stillborn
8.) Won't Find It Here
9.) Suicide Messiah
10.) In This River
11.) Fire It Up
12.) New Religion
13.) Instrumental Intro (acoustic)
14.) The Blessed Hellride (acoustic)
15.) Spoke In The Wheel (acoustic)
16.) Stillborn (acoustic)
1.) All For You (From Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned DVD)
2.) 13 Years Of Grief (From Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned DVD)
3.) Bleed For Me (From Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned DVD)
4.) Stillborn video
5.) Suicide Messiah video
6.) In This River video
7.) Fire It Up video
8.) Acoustic Live
9.) Instrumental Intro - Live in Lehigh Valley
10.) The Blessed Hellride - Live in Lehigh Valley
11.) Spoke In The Wheel - Live in Lehigh Valley
12.) We Live No More - Live in Lehigh Valley
13.) Stillborn - Live in Lehigh Valley
14.) New Religion New Footage
15.) Welcome To The Compound New Footage

Revive Metal! Check this out!

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