Apr 9, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: TNA Impact!

Title: TNA Impact!
System: Wii
Rating: T
I paid: $7
Story: I know Shawn mainly as a wrestling person... well not a little man that wears some get up, but you know what I mean. He has told me he has this game for the Playstation 2. I wanted to check out how it's like with the Wii motion controls. So I thought I would bring in Shawn to help with this review.

Nick's Thoughts:
Could of been a lot worse, but it could of been a lot better. Lets start with the story. The main character has some really bad voice acting. It's to a point where it makes you laugh. Some of the other characters in the game do have some good voice acting though. We can't figure out why they choose a bad voice actor for the main character. The story puts you in the shoes of this guy that looks like Spider-Man's weird distant uncle. This guy is left for dead in Mexico and comes to the states to wrestle. Well people give you crap and you have to fight them. That's all about the story I am getting into. If you want to know more about the story, just watch the video below.

What I am really here to talk about is the Wii controls. You use the Wii Remote to capture guys into a grapple move. To do this you shake the Wii Remote and pressing the Z button can modify what you do. Also you use the motion control for when you are being pinned. To get out of a pin, you have to do a stupid up and down motion of the Wii Remote. You look like you're a stupid jogger that's running away from a pack of wolves... fun.

Nick's Final Say: I have enjoyed other wrestling games like WWF: Just Bring it and WWE: Shut Your Mouth. There was much more to do in both of these games. TNA Impact just doesn't offer everything. Adding a couple more types of matches (Like Tornado Tag Team Match: when you are on teams and everyone is on the wrestling ring all at once) would help the game. Plus there are no women wrestlers in this game. I looked it up and there isn't even one woman wrestler you can unlock. When it comes to wrestling I think you should try something else rather than TNA Impact.

Shawn’s Thoughts: I am without question a professional wrestling fanatic. I’ve got the DVD library, the music soundtracks, the action figures and posters, and naturally, I’ve got the majority of the video games. As a gamer I was let down, and as a wrestling fan, I was beaten, bloodied and broken. Admittedly, I bought the game for Playstation 2 when it first came out (and could have saved myself anywhere around $30 if I had waited) and was disappointed, but when playing it on the Wii, it was even worse. Playing it on Playstation 2 was like holding a plate full of fecal matter under my nose and wafting it toward me, but playing it on the Wii was like tasting it. Having played a whole lot of wrestling video games, each game out there has its own way of accentuating its positives and hiding its negatives. For example, in Backyard Wrestling (and its sequel) the creators made up for its generally limited move set and roster full of unknowns with crazy stipulations and over the top graphic violence that you could only find in death match wrestling. In the Legends of Wrestling series, there may be bulky and slow moving characters lacking fluidity, but at least you have an ample move set, a pretty decent story mode and of course, a roster full of Legends. In basically all of WWE’s series, they at least make an effort to have an astounding Create A Wrestler mode to make up for anything they might be lacking. You would think that since TNA reportedly had their top mainstays going into the video game production studio to give input, and being able to give insight on what they want in their first game compared to the other games put out preceding it, it might be better. But no, sadly. The Playstation 2 version is slightly better, but on the Wii everything is awkward and downright difficult.

Shawn’s Final Say: As bad as this was, I’ve played worse. At least in TNA you can catch on with some time put into it and the story mode is unlockable-friendly. If I’m remembering correctly, in a game like WCW vs. The World, abandon all hope. I couldn’t be paid to play that game again. But as a wrestling gamer, I’d look somewhere else unless you just want the fanboy ability to say you own it.

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  1. You should have gotten it for Xbox 360. That's much better than the PS2 version.