Apr 27, 2009

Creed Reunites! And The Crowd Goes Mild!

Photo Source: photo of Creed, current day, as taken by Rolling Stone

According to Rolling Stone everyone’s all time favorite band is back! The band who you find in your Google search results for “Worst Band In The World” states that they are reuniting, and while there are plenty of Creed haters, I’m going to come out of the closet on this one. I’m a Creed fan. Their a guilty pleasure, I can’t help it. Their early stuff was awesome, and when I hear “Higher” or “My Sacrifice” I have some fond memories.

Scott Stapp, who always strikes me as the Eric Cartman to the rest of the band’s South Park protagonists, took the reins on the interview but came off in my opinion like he was sugarcoating the experience of reuniting too much. I’m not the biggest Alter-Bridge fan (Alter-Bridge is to Creed what Velvet Revolver is to Guns N’ Roses) but the way Stapp made his reunion sound was so harmonious and mutual that I could only picture him doing all of the apologizing and trying to save face. “At that meeting we were collectively saying, ‘Hey man, I’m sorry if I hurt you or my choices did anything to cause you any pain. I have nothing but love and forgiveness for you and I hope you can forgive me. It’s all part of the process of reflection and not looking back at the six months out of 10 years that were trying.”

Really? The other guys were apologetic? When you, Scott, were the reason the band got sued in 2003 for performing too intoxicated at a show to be understood? You, Scott, who told Rolling Stone in another interview, that you tried to kill yourself to ride the coat tails of Kurt Cobain? Who got into drunken fisticuffs with the band 311, or whose infamous bar alter-ego was self-named Rick? If the rest of the band did apologize to Scott Stapp, it was probably because he’s a pathetic excuse for a human being, and nothing could probably change that. I definitely don’t believe that this reunion will last very long, or that Scott Stapp has changed that much. Maybe he’s given up some of his bad habits, but I think it’s just the kind of person he is that drives people away.

Despite my absolutely zero amount of respect for Stapp on a personal level, on a professional level, the guy knows his music. Not a month or two ago, I was thinking about an opening to a film scene that was half-dark/brooding/ominous and half-religious/tranquil/sublime, and thought the only band that could truly capture it through a soundtrack would be Creed. Something along the lines of “What If?” or “My Own Prison”, or even Stapp’s solo-single, “The Great Divide”. Alter-Bridge would be my second choice, obviously, but getting Creed back together for one more song would have been my top priority. Having spewed enough venom, I do wish them the best and that they produce some quality tunes on their upcoming August album, because it may be hit or miss for the band’s future.

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