Apr 30, 2009

Horray For The Gays!

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A news story in Boston.com says New Hampshire is making great strides to join the elite few who have fully legalized gay marriage in the United States. As a recap, California used to allow gay marriage but a hugely controversial voter turnout that repealed it sent shockwaves through the rest of the nation. Since then, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Iowa have legalized gay marriage, which is different than the previously widely accepted civil union. The difference being the whole religious aspect, obviously, which is mostly what the extreme rights and Jesus-freaks get tiffy about. And as sprinkles on this cake, those marrying will get to choose their own title, be it Husband, Wife, or the neutral Spouse.

But New Hampshire's adding in some stipulations in their bill to seemingly satisfy everyone. While gay marriage will be legalized, it won't be forced upon churches. Churches can still decide who, what, when, where and how involved they are in a marriage. So the Jesus-freaks who claim that marriage as dictated by God can only be between a man and a woman don't have to suspend their belief structure in order to fulfill their duties, but the gay community is still getting their equal rights. And the gays shouldn't feel discriminated if and when a particular church denies their request to marry by them, because some Churches won't marry couples who have had pre-marital sex, or probably inter-religious couples.

Currently, Governor John Lynch is on the fence about the issue and has stated in the past that he is against the idea of gay marriage. His current indecisiveness seems like he's in favor of the current bill but is buckling under the pressure of NH's house of the Republic Party, which is busy at the rumor mill, spreading watercooler whispers that Lynch will sign the bill without the House's consent. Lynch has denied these rumors, but the fact they were even present shows grave foreboding by the party.

Here's hoping that we kickstart this bill soon so we're in with the rest of the cool states in America. Personally, I completely agree that the stipulations need to be in place in order for it work, as rules are rules. You can't change a whole religion based upon what's current, it doesn't work that way. But marriage is a civil right and no one should be denied it. It become an evident violation between church and state by stepping in and deciding who can and can't marry. Decades earlier the African American community were denied their civil rights to marry, and this is clearly history repeating itself. It's not a matter of religion, it's a matter of civil rights. Go gays, go!

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