Apr 4, 2009

Jesus Camp

I only could go half way into this video. It was pretty intense to watch. There are two types of people in this world. Ones who love Jesus and ones that don't... Well and the crazy Jesus fans that love Jesus a little much.

I would have to say the funniest part to me was the part about Harry Potter. "Warlock can't be a hero!" Well the thing about Harry Potter and Warlocks is... they're fictional. You can not go to a school to learn magic.

Also in the video they are shown smashing coffee mugs. To kill Satan or something along that line. Why coffee mugs? When these kids come back from Jesus camp, will they go into the cupboards? Take out each coffee mug and take a hammer. Then continually smash them to kill off Satan. Poor father, "Hey! What happened to all the coffee mugs? Stupid kids! I just wanted them out of the house for the summer."

The woman that was speaking called everyone a phony. She was pretty pissed. She was telling these kids that she knows that they are different at school. She called everyone to come up to the front and get washed. I didn't know Nestle was a sponsor of Jesus camp. If not, they had the special chance to wash these kids of sin. Does this mean, every time someone washes their hands... we are washed of sin? After this the kids started crying and that was around the half way point. I decided to stop the video... I had watched enough.

Update: Alright I finished the video after being told what happens. Nothing is more likely going to put you into Heaven, then going to a bowling alley! Telling people your words of God. I feel bad for the woman that the little girl went up to. She just wanted to bowl and have fun. Now this little girl has created some awkward times. "Uh... thanks... for the words... of God..."


  1. I'm having a good day today, I'd rather just not watch this... but when I do I'll be sure to comment :D

  2. Washing them with the water of gods word? That's not gods word, that's Nestle pure life water... and besides, that water tastes like crap. At least wash their hands with some poland springs...