Apr 30, 2009

Lets dine with the swine

Everyone latch up your masks and come pray with me. We all know that we will all be dead from the H1N1 flu (which is better known as the swine flu) in a week. Are we being a little to... what's that word? Um... Over reacting? Yes probably. Sure the flu can cause death and it already has. But the stats say 3,059 people die a year from Complications of Med/Surgical Care (That's about 8 people a day!) (Source). I don't see people worrying about this though. Also 776 people die a year from Accidental Discharge of Firearms (That's 2 people a day!) [Same Source]. I don't see people throwing away their guns. So do we have to be worrying about this swine flu?

Now you might be saying, "Well Nick, you are a very stupid man, because I have heard that there has been over a 100 deaths related to the swine flu... So what do you think of that?" I have heard that there are over 100 deaths, but I have only heard of one death in America. The stats I was talking about in the above paragraph were American stats. I know the swine flu can be more dangerous in other countries, but I am seeing American news stations making the swine flu seem like the most powerful disease to ever see America. We will have to see if I'm wrong in a week by seeing how many people have deceased.

I received an E-mail from my school today telling me about the swine flu. It gave me a lovely list of how to protect yourself from the swine flu. It gave the normal suggestions like wash your hands, but they also gave one I have never seen before. Throw away used tissues... aw come on collecting used tissues is just like playing hacky sack when you are in college. I feel bad for poor Louis the creepy kid that collects the used tissues from the trash can.

I'm not saying the swine flu is perfectly safe. I just don't think you have to be as worried as the news is making it seem here in America.


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  1. I agree entirely. The media is just bored right now so they need to sensationalize this. Also on a personal note, I finally saw Die Hard. Awesome movie!