Apr 3, 2009


Don't you hate slide show presentations? Don't you hate professors who only use slide show presentations? *Slide* This is blah blah... *15 mins later* ... blah blah *slide*

Being in college is a different world than high school. One thing I've notice is that you can pass in assignments through E-mail. This also means, whenever I need help... BAM! E-mailed! I'm taking an Art History class this semester and I had an essay due today. I failed my last essay and I really needed to pass this class. So I got to thinking, what if I write my essay early? Then E-mail it to her, ask her to look it over and give suggestions.

"Hello Marry, I was seeing if you had a chance to look my paper over, before I pass it in on Thursday. I just want to know if I was on the right path with this Essay." This is basically what I wrote in this E-mail.

This is what I thought she would be thinking as she read my E-mail. "Oh my! He really wants to pass this class. I am so happy he is giving his all."

The E-mail I did get the next day was basically her just saying, "Fix this, fix that...P.S. A friendly reminder, it is good to know the full name of your Professor. Usually they will place their correct first and last names on the syllabus. (I am not known as "Marry.") Thank you."

I don't if shes talking about my typo or doesn't want to be called by her first name. This is a reason on why I don't like teachers or professors or whatever you want to call them. I understand, teachers like being called professor. I also have teachers that hate being called professor and want you to call them by their first name. I go to a regular college, but when I have art classes, I have to actually go to another school down the street. All the teachers I have had at this art school, are the type that go on first name basis.

So understand my confusion. My problem is, that I could swear that there are people in my class that have called her "Marry." Now I know I'm making a big deal over this, because she did help me with my essay. She could have just said the whole P.S.! I don't like being called by my first name, please call me professor and once you get that into to your stupid little skull, come talk to me about your essay.

Another thing about this class, I already mentioned at the beginning is this slide show. I actually see her putting the slides into the projector. So I count the slides and write down the number. I then do a countdown of every time she goes to another slide. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy art and I like looking at it. Just hearing 20 minutes about one art piece and including something she relates it to, like a family vacation, which nobody gives a crap about is tedious. So this adds up to over two hours of slides. You would think, "That's just too long to pay attention to anything." Well there is this guy in my class that listens to every little detail. Oh yes and guess what? He sits right next to me. I can't hate the guy though because he doesn't raise his hand every second and gives his opinion about every single topic. (I guess I shouldn't say that, because here I am complaining on this blog, but hey! If you don't want to read it, then go do something else).

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