Apr 30, 2009

Retail's Revenge

Photo source: Radioshack.com

According to news site, WEAU, a Wisconsin based Radioshack saw an instance of employee-on-customer violence! A 57 year old man tried to return something, and the man working the register refused. The customer demanded to see the manager, and, in the customer's words, that's when the employee began repeatedly punching him. Now, I suppose it's possible that the employee was a looney who likes pummeling old people, but having worked in retail so long I can find so many more reasons that this could be justified.

Violence, justified? TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT!

But here's a list of scenarios I could see where it'd only take a bad day for someone to snap and knock some jerk's teeth down his throat.

- The customer was being rude
- The customer came in ten minutes or less before the store was closing.
- The customer was being stupid.
- The customer relieved themselves on or in the employee's car.
- The customer is actually a diabolical super villain who's next step in his plan to take over the world was to return a piece of crap that Radioshack sells, and this employee decided it was time to rise up and say no to the ways of evil!

I think my last scenario is most likely, because Radioshack is just awful and sells a lot of crap.

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