Apr 14, 2009

That's not sausage on your pizza!

Don't watch this if you have a weak stomach.

Poor Dominos Pizza, this is really going to hurt their business. Then again maybe that guy's nose had some cure for cancer and now no will be cured because he has been fired. A lot of people are saying that these people are stupid for recording this and putting it on Youtube. They could be sure, but what if they were trying to get fired? This is a way that will not only get you fired, but put a horrible reputation on the company. Is this some sort of level of genius? Well until people realize who these people are and show up at their house... with presents of their own.

Well at least these people were fired, but I'm sure there are many other people that do this every day. I have heard stories from people, someone told me that he use to work at a sub shop and that if a customer pissed off the main cook. The cook would take some dead bugs from the top of a light above and place them in the food. What would you rather have: Dead bugs or nose hair?

Can we not trust anyone ever again? Who knows, but every food is processed from someone. Well unless you have a garden or butchery of your own.

So here is our choices:
1. Stop eating and trust no one.
2. Eat like normal and trust who you normally trust.
3. Start eating more than normal to try to build up an immunity to anything bad and trust everyone.

If you picked number one, this means you are a paranoid person.
If you picked number two, this means you just don't care in life.
If you picked number three, this means you are either a freak or Superman.


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