Apr 26, 2009

Two Epic Reboots

2010 is slated for the return of two of your favorite 80's movie franchises. The miracle workers in Hollywood that look at our current movie market decided on two things regarding our generation. We don't have enough Slashers, and we don't have enough Sci-Fi... action... slashers.

Sin City, Planet Terror and El Mariachi/Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico trilogy director, Robert Rodriguez is slated to take on one of these big projects. According to Entertainment Weekly Rodriguez has written a screenplay titled Predators, an homage to the sequel to the movie Alien, Aliens. Rodriguez will be stretched very thin during the making however, because he's currently working on the Grindhouse viral marketed cult phenomenon, Machete, staring Danny Trejo. Crossing their fingers however, Fox has already announced via ERC Box Office they ETA of Predators hitting theaters is July 7, 2010.

Set to come out only shortly before on April 17, 2010, Michael Bay (Producer of Transformers, and the recent reboots of Friday The 13th, Ammityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) will team with (most often) Music Video director, Samuel Bayer to reboot Nightmare On Elm Street. According to Bloody Disgusting and Entertainment Weekly, Rooney Mara will step into the shoes of main protagonist, Nancy, who will be side-by-side with Thomas Dekker AKA John Conner of The Sarah Conner Chronicals, and Kyle Gallner of The Haunting In Conneticut. But who can ascend to the mantle of our favorite villain, Freddy Krueger? It will be none other than the man who dawned the Rorschach mask in Watchmen, Jackie Earle Haley. Few have been truly disturbing and terrifying in their acting portrayl as Haley who is being dubbed by and large the breakout star of the superhero film. Even the harshest comicbook nerd fan-boy appreciated the sheer velocity and fearinspiring that Rorschach delivered in the film, and when put in a role where Haley doesn't have to play "Mr. Nice Guy" all gloves will be off.

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