May 18, 2009

Chuck, As Poor As The Rest Of Us

According to Entertainment Weekly, the highly popular NBC television series, Chuck, who's future was on the fence there for a while, has been renewed for another season. However the point of this news article is to mention the strings that are attached on this season renewal. The budget is being drastically cut, meaning less episodes this season, less characters-per-episode, cutting two staff writers, and possibly even one of the actors.

This spells trouble in my mind. Chuck's whole premise revolves around a decent budget. It's a spy show, meaning you need weapons, explosions, rooms to tear apart during fight scenes, cars, weekly villains, and to add to that: Chuck works at an electronics store. So what will they do if the budget gets cut? It sounds like they'll have Chuck lose his job and get a new one at a Deli, or warehouse, and have one villain take a greater stance against Chuck, using much more mind games than attacks. And maybe this villain will be a master of debate, who will constantly visit Chuck on a regular basis just to put him down verbally.

If the show can last through Season 3 with this bogus budget cut, hopefully the DVD sales from the first two seasons can support a better fourth season. But as I cross my fingers for such an event, I'll just appreciate what fun Chuck has been in the past.

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