May 7, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: John Woo presents Stranglehold

Title: John Woo presents Stranglehold
System: Xbox 360 (Also available for PS3)
Rating: M
Paid: I borrowed this game, but you can get it for $10
Story: I was at my cousin's house and he said that I should check this game out. I never heard of it until he told me to try it out. He told me that there was some cool time slow mo mechanics involved. I enjoyed Max Payne back on the Xbox, so I thought that this game could be descent.

Review: John Woo the movie star becomes a video game character. This is actually a sequel to one of his movies. Can the man really slow down time? Sure he can! This game isn't Braid (awesome game, that everyone should try), but this is a shooter. You play a cop and when your wife and daughter get kid napped... John Woo is not a happy guy. It reminded me a lot of Max Payne and how that used slow motion. Max Payne was also about a cop and his wife and daughter. So there are actually a lot of comparisons about the two games.

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The game mechanics are really cool in Stranglehold. This is a pretty easy game, which I enjoy. I tend to get angry with hard games and end up giving up to easily. Keep that in mind, when you think about this game. The weapons used in this game are pretty basic. You got pistols, shotguns, snipers, and so on. There are also special moves you can preform, by pressing a direction on the D-Pad. My personal favorite is this move where he spins in a circle and kills everyone in the room. It just shows him in this slow mo video shooting like crazy (mind you that this doesn't take any ammo and you can't get hurt while doing this) and you see all these bad guys getting shot. Check the video below for examples.

I am not promising that you will love the game, because there are parts that become repetitive, but it is pretty good if you're looking for something easy and short. I beat the game in about six or eight hours, and that usually says something when I do it. I've only beat two games so far this year, not counting Peggle. So I think it's worth a renting or even spending the $10 to add it to your collection.


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