May 13, 2009


*Update: Pizza Hut is also having a contest, but this contest will make you sign up to get pizza coupons and Pizza Hut news (so sign up with another e-mail address than your normal address).

I just found out about a contest happening at 7-Eleven. Sure they want you to buy slurpees and use the slurpee points to enter in this contest. I'm not here to tell you to go buy things, because lets face it... would you? So I'm going to tell you how easy it is to enter in this contest for free.

Image from Slurpee Nation Rewards

Lets go over the prizes first:

* 10 Limited Edition Terminator Salvation Xbox 360 consoles
* 100 Terminator Salvation games
* 30 Xbox 360 wireless headsets
* 30 Xbox LIVE Three-Month Gold Subscriptions

Ok before I go any longer, let me tell you that you do need to sign up (how else would they know where to ship your Xbox?). You also have to be 13 years of age to join.

1. Go to

2. It's going to tell you need to have points, but instead you're just going to click the official rules button.

3. While in the official rules box, click "To Enter Free, Click Here."

4. It's going to ask you to join, if you haven't so.

5. After you are signed up, then enter the contest. You can enter up to 5 times a day. They will send you an email right after you enter, to tell you if you're a winner.

No idea if the Terminator Salvation game is any good, but hey! If it's free, might as well give it a shot.


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