May 25, 2009


A week ago I told you how you could win yourself an Xbox 360 and Terminator Salvation. This week I have three different contests for you.

*WARNING!* These contests require you to give out personal information like name, address and a phone number. If you do not want to give out information like that, then don't continue to read the rest of the blog.

*Warning* Before signing up for these contest, you might want to invest in getting an E-mail strictly just for these contests. You don't need a fancy E-mail address, a Hotmail or Yahoo E-mail will work just fine. Most of these contests don't give you spam E-mails, but it's good to have.

Contest 1: My Coke

This contest is called Twist txt get and Coke is giving out prizes every 5 mins. I actually won a $20 cash card from this contest. To warn you though, when you win the cash card, it takes you to another site and makes you sign up again to redeem it. You can either take the rechargeable cash card (for if you win again) or take the one that is not rechargeable. The rechargeable card asked for my Social Security Number (I think the reason is because it's basically a credit card). I went with the one that couldn't be recharged though because I didn't want to give out my SSN. I have read that people have been receiving their cash (It's just a risk that you can take, if you want to give out your SSN).

They want you to txt codes to win these prizes, but that seems kind of lame right? Let me show you how to enter without using a phone or getting codes under Coke caps.

1. Go to this link and register. After registering you will need to login. (The register and login button should be on the top right corner.)
2. After being logged in click the button that says Twist txt get.
3. You will be brought to a screen with two options. Both options are the same contest. I think the one with the single bottle is the old contest and the one with two bottles is the new contest. (I won this contest from clicking the two bottle picture)
4. Now click the Official Rules button shown in the picture below.
5. You will have to scroll down a little and look for a link that says Click Here. Look at the image below.6. It's going to ask you for address information and then it will tell you if you have won. You only have two chances a day to win.

Contest 2:
What do you think of the movie trailers for Land of the Lost? Could be good? Could be bad? Well here is a contest that could land you free tickets to it and even Subway gift cards.

Go to the link and click play now. It's going to then ask for an E-mail and address information. You will then be taken to the Land of the Lost board game (and yes you have to play it to win).

Here are some codes to help you on your way.
- MYSTERYCAVE (unlocks climbing gear)
- SLEESTAK (unlocks chaka)
- XW79NB0328 (unlocks rafting kit)

Unlike the Coke contest, once you win, there is no more chances of win..

Contest 3:
World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel giveaway
This contest actually hasn't started yet (Starts May 29th). This contest requires points to enter. So you might as well start now, so you can get as many points as you can before May 29th.

Go to the link and sign up. Then click the button at the bottom that says "Start Earning Tokens Today."


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