May 29, 2009

Ferris Bueller

For the fans out there that have $2,300,000 you can own your very own Ferris Bueller house! Well not Ferris Bueller's house, but Cameron's house. The window is even fixed from the cherry red Ferrari driving through it. Sadly the water tower isn't for sale too.

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If I could buy anything from Ferris Bueller, it would be a no brainer. The burping, vomiting, coughing and sneezing keyboard (That or Ed Rooney's mustache). Now you are probably saying, "I would take that red Ferrari they drove around in, that thing could pick up a lot of chicks. I would probably get millions of chicks... a day! If I had that red Ferrari from Ferris Bueller." Sadly the Ferrari isn't an option because it fell off a building. While the keyboard and the mustache (I hope!) are in perfectly good condition.

Shawn Says What!?

Shawn says he would choose the pool that Cameron Frye nearly drowns in. Shawn sympathized with Cameron, as he himself can not swim. On the other hand, Shawn also saw Cameron as nothing short of a pimp when he was revealing he was pranking the unbeatable Ferris Bueller, and that he potentially saw the lovely Sloan Peterson getting changed. Cameron Frye, you are Shawn's hero.

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-Nick and Shawn

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