May 9, 2009

Rock Music is the Devil

"Ohio Christian school tells student to skip prom" is the headline over at Yahoo.

The story is that a kid from a Christian school wants to take his girlfriend to prom at her public high school. The Christian school does not like this idea and says he will be suspended from the school and not be able to participate in the graduation. He will still be able to graduate, well unless he partakes in drinking or having sex.

I would like to also quote this from Yahoo. "The handbook for the 84-student Christian school says rock music is part of the counterculture which seeks to implant seeds of rebellion in young people's hearts and minds." Which is awesome because I thought at proms these days would be playing Rap music.

So should the kid be able to go to this prom, without getting in trouble? There are only two sides of this, Religious person or Rock star.

Religious person: If he goes he will listen to rock music and be sent to the fire pit of Hell.
Rock star: So?
Religious person: You don't see a problem with this?
Rock star: Nope.
Religious person: Well what about all the dancing!? They will be groping each others and moving their... butts! On each other!
Rock star: Sounds like a party, where is this going down?
Religious person: Well I can't believe people are looking up to you these days! People are starting to loose interest in Jesus and you are at fault... and where did you get that guitar!?
Rock star: You know what you need man!? A NARLY GUITAR SOLO! *Guitar!*
Religious person: Oh wow... that's pretty awesome. Alright he can go.

That's what should happen... I think...


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