May 17, 2009

TMNT Remake

I am very excited about the remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for the Xbox 360 (Also possibly for the Wii). For the people that don't know what Turtles in Time is, it's one of the greatest side scrolling games of all time. It came out for the Super Nintendo in 1992. For footage of the original Turtles in Time game look at the video below.

This game is on the top of the list of games I wanted on the virtual consoles. So I will be purchasing this when it comes out (I will write a review). The word remake means that this game will be made into a 3D game. From what I have read, the game beside that will pretty much be the same as the Super Nintendo game.

Here is an image of the game that I found at Ninja Pizza. You can see more images of the game over there too.

I hope there will be more remakes of games. They are always remaking movies, So why not video games? I would love to see remakes of Earthbound, Crash Bandicoot and even the Simpson's arcade game.


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