Jun 24, 2009

The Dislike of Guitar Hero

Jimmy Page happens to be one of my favorite guitarists around. That doesn't mean I will agree with him on everything he says though. I was in the car listening to the radio and the radio host talked about this story. So I looked it up and got the full information.

Jack White (The White Stripes) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) both came out and talked about how they dislike the Guitar Hero series. To quote the article, "Page added that he can't imagine that people are really learning anything significant about playing instruments by playing video games."

I have to disagree with what he just said. Sure you can't learn how to play guitar by just playing these games. Vocals and drums from Rock Band might help you a little, but it's more of the influence that makes you want to learn. I used to play guitar as a kid but stopped playing, then Guitar Hero came out and I spent much of the next year playing that. I then decided to pick up the real guitar and play again. Now I have new influences from bands that appeared in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I even went out and looked around for other artists like Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes. Also my brother started playing the Keyboard and that instrument isn't even in Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but he was influenced by the bands in Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

I also did a little research and according to Times Online more and more kids beginning to pick up real instruments to play.

I'm still a big fan of Page and White, but sometimes you gotta disagree with your idols.


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