Jun 29, 2009

Flash Games

Game: Super Mario 63
The game looks and feels great. It takes place in the same setting as Mario 64, but also has new gadgets from the newer Mario games (like the star launcher and the water jet pack). There is a lot of game play in this flash game and the great news is that you can save your progress and come back to it. This will have to do for us until that Mario 4 player game for the Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out.

Game: Bango
A platformer and a puzzle game combined to make Bango. You play as this little guy named Bango. Your objective is to get rid of all the blocks in each area. To do this all you have to do is touch the brick platform and jump off. This game gets pretty difficult the more you get into it. Don't give up yet though! If you click the menu you can go to a walkthrough that will help you out with the levels you are having trouble with.

That should give you something to do while you're bored at work or at home.


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