Jun 30, 2009

Free Game: Big Kahuna Reef

Amazon is giving away Big Kahuna Reef for free. So I thought I would give a short review.

It's a puzzle game just like bejeweled. The matching 3 of the same object is the same, but the playing board itself is different. In the picture you can see that there are two different types of backgrounds. One is a plank of wood and the other is water. If you get a three combo on the boards they will turn into water. The point is to get all the boards into water to complete the level. As you complete levels you can unlock fish to swim behind the board (not as great as achievement points, but it's something).

I'm really enjoying this game a lot and think you should give it a shot. Hey it's free! You do have to download the Amazon game downloader to download this game, which sucks that you can't just download the game straight to your computer, but I guess they do this so people can't pirate the game... pirate a free game.

Link to game download


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