Jun 1, 2009

Kiss the Sky

I'm a big Jimmy Hendrix fan. So when I come across a story like this, I have to share it. I saw this article titled: Jimmy Hendrix 'was murdered' by his manager, claims roadie. We might never know what was really was behind Hendrix's death, but this is an interesting story.

The short version of the story: One of Hendrix's roadies wrote a book, and within the book he tells a story about Hendrix's manager. The manager was very worried Jimmy was going to sign with another manager and if this did happen. That would be the end to him. So he murder Hendrix by stuffing him with pills and wine, so no one could have him. The roadie that wrote the book said that the manager confessed a while after the death of Hendrix. Read the full story at Daily Mail.

Reading about this, and knowing that Hendrix's death could have been prevented is really saddening. Just knowing that a lot more great music could have been wrote and a lot more fans could have seen him in concert. Too bad Jimmy didn't pick his guitar up and face melted his manager. If this story is true, then Jimmy picking a new manager was a very smart move.

Here is a video of Hendrix playing the song Fire at Woodstock 69.

RIP Jimmy Hendrix *Guitar Solo*


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