Jun 17, 2009

The Lonely Island - Incredibad

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Don't know who The Lonely Island is? You must not be a fan of Saturday Night Live these last few years. Star of the hilarious and underrated movie Hot Rod, a character of importance in I Love You Man, and mainstay of SNL, Andy Samberg has been teaming up with his buddies Akiva Schaffer and co-star of Hot Rod, Jorma Taccone to form a comedic musical trio, often performing music videos dubbed "Digital Shorts" for SNL. So what do you do when you're possibly the next Beastie Boys? You produce an album, and that's just what The Lonely Island did on February 10, 2009. Here's the rundown on Incredibad, with multiple clickable video links in the track titles (warning: not suitable for work):

“Who Said We're Wack” – I get the joke: an over-exaggeration over parody of a diss, but the beat is just painful. The vocals especially are irritatingly high pitched. Not an awful song, but pretty mediocre. 2 ½ *’s.

“Santana DVX” – One of my favorite albums, satirically mashing together high class and downright gangsterisms. Lonely Island should also be commended for their versatility in rhyming Santana as often as they do. Of course this helps that I’m a big fan of Carlos Santana, so their continual promotion of the musician is very awesome, and rapper E-40’s over the top impersonation is just a step down from Dave Chappelle’s impression of Rick James. 5 *’s.

“Jizz In My Pants” – Ever acknowledge that you get too excited over something little? This is your anthem. It’s not about premature ejaculation, it’s about keeping it real! Hold no regrets, and if all else fails, blame it on someone else. The beat especially goes beyond groovy; it’s really dance-club worthy. 5 *’s.

“I’m On A Boat” – Never stops being funny, especially if you’ve seen the music video. T-Pain succeeds the music world and has become a worldly cult-icon. You’re going to bust out singing this at work, in the car, during sex; wherever, whenever. “I got my swim trunks, and my flippy floppies, I’m flipping burgers, you at Kinkos, straight flipping copies!” 5 *’s.

“Sax Man” – Jack Black can really bring some great situational comedy to the track, but music-wise, the song is a big fail. Most of the tracks on the album you can legitimately dance too, and laugh at, but this one only has the comedy. Sure, you’ve got the Tenacious D style Jack Black scat, but other than that, not a lot to hold this track above water. 2 *’s.

6) “Lazy Sunday” – Some will really like the beat but not the lyrics, whereas some will really like the lyrics but not the beat. Personally, I’m of the second category, but because the track apparently can’t have both, the track gets a poor 3 *’s.

7) “Normal Guy (Interlude)” – It’s always hard to rate skits, but I do have a definite opinion on this track. I thought it would have been perfect without the award show ending, but when that was tacked on, it dragged things down quite a bit. Otherwise, will have you cracking up. 3 *’s.

8) “Boombox” – An excellent chorus, both beat-wise and lyrically but none of the verses catch on. I’m all for hitting on all kinds of subjects, and can see the message behind being stuck at a lame retirement center in the height of your youth, but singing a song about boredom doesn’t bare much fruit. 3 *’s.

9) “Shrooms (Interlude)” – Goes over my head. Annoying, unpleasant to the ears; maybe that’s the point? I don’t know, but I don’t’ think I should have to do guess-work. 1 ½ *s, with the extra half only earned for its childish singing toward the end.

10) “Like A Boss” – Catchy, funny, danceable, this track has it all. There isn’t even much else I can say about this track, because it’s such a high standard of comedic music. 5 *’s.

11) “We Like Sportz” – Much like Boombox, some will like the lyrics, some will like the techno music, but in my opinion, the lack of Andy Samberg’s vocals drastically hurts the track. I really don’t like the beat either, but the lyrics are pretty funny. 3 *’s.

12) “Dreamgirl” – Unlike my past criticisms, I actually love the music of this track much more than the lyrics. Again, it’s one of those tracks that could be the other way with some people, but Norah Jones really brings a soulful RnB feel to it. The chorus is so hypnotic that I’m almost saddened it was wasted on a comedy album. 3 ½ *’s.

13) “Ras Trent” – Really hated this song until I saw the music video, which, because I had to see the music video, brings its level down to mediocre. A generous 3 *’s because the lyrics can be really creative at points.

14) “Dick in a Box” – Maybe Andy Samberg is no singer like Justin Timberlake is, but Justin Timberlake is downright hysterical in this track. The story of the song is equally as funny, and the beat will have you moving and grooving. 5 *’s.

15) “The Old Saloon” – again, a joke that completely goes over my head. Mixing annoyance with comedy, and with a downright unrelatable and uninteresting old saloon ‘beat’, if one could call it that = easily the worst track on the album. 1*.

16) “Punch You in the Jeans” – Overly simplistic beat for a track that really needed some strong music to carry it’s only mediocre lyrics. The whole song is based off of one joke, which you could probably figure out yourself, and gets tired after thirty seconds. 1 ½ *’s.

17) “Space Olympics” – A great song on paper, with hilarious jokes and a amazingly funny story. Someone even provided Eiffel 65 level pop-techno level music that would have made this track a hit, except that Andy Samberg doesn’t seem to understand how to sing this kind of music. Unlike his style of rap, Samberg’s emphasized pronunciation of every syllable really makes it painful to the ears. 2 ½ *’s.

18) “Natalie’s Rap” – Right beside my favorite track, “Santana DVX” is this song. Natalie Portman, overly explicit to the point that you’re a little afraid of her. The whole premise along with delivery is gut-busting funny. 5 *’s.

19) “Incredibad” - Irritating beat, irritating vocal work by The Lonely Island, but head-exploding funny. Apparently the three virgin members of The Lonely Island have a gang bang with an extraterrestrial, who need their seed to take back to his home planet. And then at the end, for some reason, the alien is kind of a genie, granting The Lonely Island a fantastic album. 3 ½ *’s for the perfect album closer.

My Highlights: Oh man, there are so many. “Natalie’s Rap”, “Santana DVX”, “Dick in a Box”, “Like a Boss”, “I’m on a Boat”, and “Jizz In My Pants” are all classics. Youtube them. Hulu them. Download them if you’re a cheapskate and don’t want to buy the whole album to show your support for how awesome these freaking guys are.

Overall Rating: 3 ½ *’s. Overall, when The Lonely Island hit, they hit harder than anyone, but when they miss, they’ll of missed by a mile. In some areas things just don’t transition from visual to audio, and the music video is what makes the song. Definitely worth buying though, and if only a few of the lesser quality songs were cut, this rating would be much higher. I guess you could say that about most albums, but come on, this has 19 tracks, so you see what I mean.

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