Jun 27, 2009

Max Payne Film Review

The Premise:
Max Payne (played by Mark Wahlberg) is a burned out cop, tired of the strict set of rules he must follow that confine him. Payne seeks his own vigilante form of justice in hopes of redeeming, or finding answers to who killed his wife and child. Payne's path to answers is marred and twisted by a wide array of suspicious, insidious, and amoral characters associated with a drug ring. These aren't your run of the mill drugs. Overdose and frightening hallucination of demonic looking angels known as Valkyries play a big part in the film.

The Standouts:
Mila Kunis does a great job portraying Mona Sax, the femme fatal of the film, Mark Wahlberg plays the cocky yet stoic and dark character like he was born into it, and Ludacris does well playing a gangster black guy who's been tamed and made civil and white. Other than that, some pretty shoddy acting all around.

Hallucinations played too much of a part in the film, drawing away from the actual plot. A very choppy story - some parts are too fast, some parts are too slow. The things you need an explanation for take far too long to be explained. I had the wiki page up while watching because it was irritatingly hard to follow. Oh and the "main antagonist" = Crap villain, that there wasn't nearly enough time devoted to. And the ending definitely stands out for being crap.

My Highlight:
Mila Kunis (presumably it was her) kicking Mark Wahlberg's butt: great utilization of 'implied violence' through flashes to a red-screen anytime there was impact. "Bullet Time" in one of the final fight scenes with the shotgun vs. the rifle. Also, Max Payne's rampage at the end. A rampage is a great way to build up any movie.

Overall Rating:
2 1/2*'s out of 5. A lot of poor acting, and a TON of bewilderment. You'll likely have no idea what's going on. A very mediocre film, that I could only raise to the bar of mediocre based off of occasional moments of entertainment.

When You Should See It:
Don't waste your money on it. Don't even waste a Netflix/Blockbuster queue spot on it if you've got plenty of films you know you'd rather see. If someone you know has it, or it comes on the Free Movies On Demand section of Netflix or Comcast or whatever, feel free to check it out, as maybe you'll get something out of it, otherwise don't bother. As a thank you for reading this review about a terrible movie, here's the awesomeness of Mark Wahlberg on SNL, courtesy of Hulu

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