Jun 26, 2009

Product Review: Stamps.com

I received in the mail a trial for this program called Stamps.com. On the little post card trial information it told me about signing up for the free month comes with: Free scale, $20 in postage, and a $25 Amazon gift card. I happen to go to the post office a couple times a month to ship stuff, so I thought I would give the trial a shot.

Free scale: Free + $10 shipping, only works with this program. So if you're going to cancel don't bother with the scale.

$20 in postage:
I did receive postage in the mail with some address labels.

$25 Amazon gift card: You don't get this till you actually start paying for Stamps.com. If you cancel during your trial period, you will not get the gift card.

Some of the things on the post card was misleading, but I must say that the program is pretty useful for shipping items. If you have a career at Ebay or selling on Amazon then this program is actually worth checking out. If you're like me and only ship a couple of packages a month, then skip over this promotion.

To cancel your membership there's no website to go to. You have to call their number and be on hold for a little bit. The man on the other side will try and get you to stay like offering another trial month. So if you are intending to keep the program, give them a call and ask for another trial month, it could work out for you.

So I hope this review helps you out when you receive the Stamps.com post card.


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