Jun 14, 2009

Rock Band and Guitar Hero

I have never seen a video game series like the Rock Band or Guitar Hero series. Both sides are putting out a couple of games per year, plus they have new downloadable songs every week. With all these games coming out you can tell that maybe the people making these games are interested in making some money? Who knows though, because maybe it costs a lot to sign bands into getting their music into the game. Well I had the pleasure to play Guitar Hero: Metallica and Rock Band: Unplugged. Both games are the first games released for the series for the year of 2009.

Guitar Hero: Metallica on the Xbox 360
Thoughts: I must say I am a fan of Metallica and I really enjoyed this game. The game wasn't very frustrating like I thought it would be. Unlike previous Guitar Hero Games, the Metallica one doesn't make you complete every song in your path to move ahead in the game. I'm thankful for this because there are many songs in this game that are way to hard for me to beat. This game included all four instruments too, so there is a lot of variety.
Songs: The playlist is great for Metallica fans. The playlist is either a hit or a miss. So if you're a Metallica fan it's great, if you dislike Metallica it's not so great. There isn't only Metallica songs, there is also Queen, Motorhead, Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, and Slayer just to name a few. Check out Wikipedia for the whole playlist.
Worth picking up?: This is a yes and no answer. Metallica fans = Yes. People who dislike Metallica = No. This is basically a game you know if you will like or not.

Rock Band: Unplugged
on the PSP
Thoughts: Here is a new way of playing the Rock Band series. Amplitude and Frequency is the best way to describe it, but if you don't know of them here is the description. You play all four instruments at the same time by switching back to each of the instruments. When you go to one of the instruments it will give you some buttons to hit (just like in Rock Band) if you hit all the buttons, then the instrument will play by itself for a little bit, giving you time to switch to another instrument. If you don't hit all the buttons in the segment then you have to start another segment. I enjoyed this game very much and it's great on the go.
Songs: Check out Wikipedia for the full list. With 41 songs plus downloadable content you can't go wrong. Sadly most of the songs are on Rock Band 1 or 2, which I have played over and over again. This is my biggest complaint, because I am so sick of playing My Own Worst Enemy by Lit. There are a couple of new songs that haven't been on Rock Band 1 or 2 (Hint: 123 ABC).
Worth Picking Up?: I would say yes to picking it up. It's a great game to dust your PSP off with. It's a fun game to play when you're not able to reach your Rock Band instruments at home.

So there you have it, Guitar Hero and Rock Band might be selling tons of games, but when you look at it. The games are still fun to play. I give it another year before we are all very sick of the two game series.


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