Jun 6, 2009

She Wants Revenge (STA)

She Wants Revenge is a Los Angeles, California alternative rock/electronic/new wave/gothic rock band consisting of only two main members – Justin Warfield (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Adam 12 (bass guitar, keyboard, guitar, drum machine, percussion, programming, and vocals). If you’re into gloom and doom music without all the end of the world, apocalypse, throat screaming, or into bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, or H.I.M., then this band may be your new found love. This is a review of their first album, self-titled She Wants Revenge, which came out in 2006. Certain track titles will have accompanying links to videos where you can hear the song, so keep a look out for that. Hey, we’re all constantly looking for good new music.

1) “Red Flags And Long Nights” – A pretty decent musical piece – very suspenseful and dark bass and keyboard used here, but using a light drumming to keep things from being overly morose. Vocal work was nothing spectacular in this one, but lyrically a pretty decent opener to the CD, giving the listener a taste of what to expect. Overall, pretty mediocre opener. 2 ½ *’s.

2) “These Things” – What sounds to be an ode to those guys out there who sport a bad habit their loved one wants them to kick. REAL ISSUES TOUCHED UPON! Good for She Wants Revenge. A very catchy song with some lyrical genius in it.
“I heard it's cold out, but her popsicle melts She's in the bathroom, she pleasures herself Says I'm a bad man, she's locking me out It's cause of these things, it's cause of these things”
A personally a favorite of mine from the album, but to be expected of the single. 5 *’s.

3) “I Don't Want To Fall In Love” – A hypnotic chorus and a very hybrid tune. The music is very electronic and new age but withstands its dark monotone feeling. It basically sounds like what you would expect the Goth kids on South Park to be dancing too as they puff their cigarettes. 4 *’s.

4) “Out of Control” – A not-so-dancy song about dancing with someone. A strong sexual tension while not expressing dreamy lollipops and rainbows kind of love at first sight. Another favorite of mine based solely off of the lyrics, but the beat isn’t bad either. The music during the chorus can be a bit teeth-gritting but during the breakdown, you’re gonna be bipping and bopping and hipping and hopping as though you were in the dance club yourself. 4 ½ *’s.

5) “Monologue” – Overly dancy background music to very depressing and love-stricken lyrics, forming a very inconsistent mash-up of a song, that I’m going to label as filler. It’s not so awful that you’d force yourself to skip it when it comes on, should you want to listen to the album from start-to-finish, but definitely paling in comparison to the great songs here. 2 ½ *’s.

6) “Broken Promises For Broken Hearts” – Powerful stuff here. The music is very tension building, drawing you into the position of the narrator, who’s evidently on the brink of snapping. Love’s tough, no secret there. Angst is the name and SWR plays the game well. On the flip side, there’s nothing overly memorable about the song. 3 ½ *’s.

7) “Sister” – Horrifically enough, this song is as sexual as possible, but thankfully there’s no recognition that the girl sung about is anyone’s literal sister, but more sister in a religious context. The music during the verses is too painfully simplistic, drawing irritation during some of the verses and ruins the potential of re-playing, but the chorus is just so rad. Who doesn’t dream of hearing the girl he’s with beg him to the point of suggesting “you can hurt me, do whatever you like,”? 3 ½ *’s.

8) “Disconnect” – If you like the tune to Requiem For A Dream, “Lux Aeterna”, or Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World” then you may enjoy this brief piano ditty. Not much to judge on, so a pain to rate, but I thought it was quite masterfully done, so I’ll just toss in a generous 4*’s.

9) “Us” – Like wallowing in self pity? Laying on your floor in the fetal position? Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock’s song “Picture” but thought you couldn’t relate to some of it? This is your anthem. Ultra hypnotic and very Donnie Darko soundtrack worthy. 4 ½ *’s.

10) “Someone Must Get Hurt” – Basic filler. Possibly the worst track on the album as nothing about it stands out as particularly listenable to, barring a brief 80’s sounding riff. Most of the songs on this album won’t have a distinctive rhyme pattern or definitive poetic schemes, but this one is far too obvious when listening to it. 1 ½ *’s.

11) “Tear You Apart” – Another very intense, gothic, sexually driven song. It’s kind of like listening to the thoughts of a serial killer deeply in love. The second single of the album, though not one of my favorites. Little known fact however, the music video was directed by Joaquin Phoenix. The chorus is pretty decent but the verses are far too long. Some details in the story could have been omitted. 3 *’s.

12) “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” – Painful lyrics, and not in the way intended. Very reminiscent of 14 year old emo kids writing poetry. The one thing that serves any salvation to this track is the vocal delivery which at least packs some punch to it and makes you slightly depressed. Other than that however, a poor closer. 2 *’s.

My Highlights: The first single of the album, “These Things”, “Out of Control” and “Us” are all excellent tunes. They’re also not overplayed on the radio so you’ll earn yourself some Indy cred by knowing them.

Overall Rating: 3 ½ *’s. One of my favorite albums. Not every song is going to be a big hit around any crowd, but for people who know their music in this genre, this is a pretty excellent catch. I say buy any CD you come across of these guys because I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get some sort of big break.

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