Jun 8, 2009

That's a lot of Smurfy Smurfs

World records can be great. They can bring a lot of bragging rights. "I have the world record for helping small children learn how to read." Well it could be the other way around. Lets say in this scenario you are trying to hit on the opposite sex at some bar or club.

You - "Hey I noticed you across the bar and you seem like the type that would read the giant World Record books."
Opposite Sex - "No... I haven't... why are you asking, did you break some record?"
You - "Well why yes I did!"
Opposite Sex - "Oh that's cool! What record do you have? Do you have the world record for helping small children learn how to read?"
You - "Nope! Even better! A group of people and I have the world record for dressing up as Smurfs at the same time."
Opposite Sex - "Oh... is that why you are dressed as a Smurf?"
You - "Yep... *awkward silence*... Would you like to be my Smurfette and/or Papa Smurf?"

Alright I will stop there before it gets too graphic, but the world record for Smurf dressing has been beaten. According to Telegraph 2,510 people dressed up as smurfs, more than doubling the previous record, and they plan on beating other records by dressing up as other characters as well. Now I know I was poking fun at these people up above, but this is a pretty cool record I must admit. I think it will be interesting if they can pull off other characters. I suggest they dress up as the Peanuts Gang.


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