Jun 21, 2009

Video Game Review: Moon

Title: Moon
System: Nintendo DS
Rating: T
Before I started playing: I was iffy about the potential of a shooter on the DS, but I gave it a shot.
Review: The game obviously takes place on the Moon. As a man stuck on the Moon, all your friends have been kidnapped and/or killed. So the story is that you need to find the cause of this and destroy it.

You play the game by using the stylus to aim your gun, directional pad to move around and the L button to shoot. My fingers did get a little uncomfortable after playing this for an hour, so I took a little break. No complaints there because most DS and other handheld games are like this.

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I did end up enjoying this game even starting with the attitude of "Shooter on the DS... might be good, but might be bad." It did get a little boring near the end, because the game is basically the same thing during the entire game. There were three types of gameplay in this game. The first being the human. The second was your little robot pal in which you controlled this little robot into fitting into small places and opening doors for you. The third being driving a Moon car to get to different points on the map.

If this game was much longer, I don't think I could have kept playing throughout the entire thing. It was short and sweet and I did enjoy it for what it offered. It does offer bonus levels which you obtain by collecting three alien artifacts during a level, so there is replay value to this game.

Final Say: I think this should be a rent, but a $20 price tag isn't too bad of a price.

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