Jun 28, 2009

Yard Sale Search

The beginning of Summer means the beginning of yard sales. Sometimes you can strike gold and sometimes you strike nothing. I have been checking yard sales though, because you can find something that can be worth lots and pay a dollar for. I went to a couple of yard sales two weeks ago and didn't find much. The only thing I found was a DS game for $5 and I passed on it.

This weekend my neighbors two houses down from me had a yard sale. I walked over and checked the joint out, hoping to find a NES I found a table with video games. No NES here, but I ended up with three games total.

The games were Space Quest V, Sim City Classic, and Sim Tower. These were in the original box and with directions for a dollar each game. I'm guessing most of you have played the Sim City Games? Space Quest 5 was cult classic type game that I loved as a kid. I checked Ebay on each of the games after buying them and turns out two are selling for $20 and one is selling for $10. I knew these games would not work on my computer (no CD here, it's floppy disk for you!). I'm sure my neighbors knew that too, but I didn't tell them that they could get much more for it on the internet.

Being the collector I am, I can only hope these are worth more in the future. Goes to show that you might find some cool stuff at a yard sale... or some crap.


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