Jul 8, 2009

CDs and the Dollar Tree (Part 1)

The Dollar Tree is like a yard sale, but with no good treasure. Oddly enough maybe I was wrong because I saw a CD rack with some CDs of bands I had heard of. Two Phish albums and Sammy Hagar & Wabos were the albums I decided to buy. Phish I've never listened to, but I knew of Sammy Hagar's solo career with Heavy Metal and I can't Drive 55. Today's blog is going to talk about the Sammy Hagar & Wabos album and if it was worth one American dollar.

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Album: Sammy and the Wabos - Livin' It Up!

First Thought:
Here we have musician Sammy Hagar sitting at the beach with a guitar. He seems to be happy with this outcome. Even seems he has written or received a message in a bottle, but seems to dang happy to either read it or send it out just yet. Seeing him this happy about this album, I went ahead and bought it. Sammy Hagar did produce some hits, but if they had a David Lee Roth I would had to of chosen David over Sammy. That's right! I said it, you can debate me over this.

Thoughts while listening: This album is very much like the cover (except the message in a bottle... of course). By this I mean it's an album dedicated to the beach and just livin' it up. This album is the type of album they would play at a tiki bar. It's more of a country album than a rock n' roll album.

After thoughts: The album wasn't that bad and I can't complain due to the price. It wasn't awesome either. For Sammy Hagar fans I wouldn't recommend buying this for the full price of $15 at Amazon. Instead try going for Sammy's new supergroup Chickfoot. I probably will never listen to this album again, but if it was playing in the waiting room at a hospital and my small intestine was leaking through my belly button I wouldn't have a problem with it. I would just remember Sammy sitting on that beach chair livin' it up.

Worth one dollar of American currency? Yeah sure.


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