Jul 9, 2009

CDs and the Dollar Tree (Part 2)

Yesterday introduced my two part article about the Dollar Tree selling CDs. Today I'm going to take a look at both of the Phish CDs I bought for a dollar each, to see if they were really worth a dollar.

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First thoughts: Here we have a giant bouncy ball with a window. With the shadow of the little man that lives in this room... or house? If it's just one room, would it be a house? Ah it doesn't matter.
Thoughts while listening: This album is very long for having a dollar price tag. After looking it up on Wiki it runs up to 77 mins. Most albums don't make it to 60 mins! The tracks all sound pretty decent, but you definitely get a sense while listening that it's running too long.
After Thoughts: Pretty good CD, I can't complain. Half the songs on this CD were close to or over 10 mins. This was just the band jamming basically on each song. So maybe cut the songs down a little. Can't complain though like I said because of the price.
Worth $1: If you are a fan or interested in trying out the band Phish.

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First Thoughts: Here we have a picture of the band Phish... not much to say about it.
Thoughts while listening: The songs on this album are shorter than the last album, which is a good thing. Meaning they learned from their mistakes.
After Thoughts: Some of the songs just sounded like a jam session. There wasn't anything to impact my memory from this album. If you played this album and the Round Room album, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Worth $1: Only if you're a Phish fan. Not only does it come with a CD, but a DVD too.


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