Jul 31, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Avatar

Title: Avatar: The Burning Earth
Rating: E 10+
System: Xbox 360 (Also available for other systems)

Trying something new today, a video review of Avatar: The Burning Earth. So check it out, and for people that can't watch videos, just read the just-as-entertaining transcript!

I was at Toys R Us and I saw Avatar for only $5 for the Xbox 360. I know the whole T.V. show to Video Game is usually an awful formula, but a five dollar price tag must be worth something… right?

The story begins with you flying on this white horned devil monster. After that, you get what most gamers are playing for - ya, that's right, achievement points. This game gives you all 1000 achievement points right in the first couple of minutes of playing. Now that that's over with, let's actually start playing the game.
Yes a bunch of button mashing fights. This goes on for a little bit until you get your first boss, which you also just punch-punch away at. Hes very simple to beat like most first bosses.

You end up at some underground lair. Hopping around on platforms, jumping and jumping, untill you find these guys. You tell them you have PentaPox and they run away.

Anyway, you have to work together with your friend on your quests, pulling levers and such. The controls to this game are clunky and sticky. You can’t control the camera at all, so if you want to go back in a level, then good luck with that. I’ve seen much worse, but they could have spent more time with the controls.
Each character has a special move, that will help you reach places in the game, which is pretty cool. There are also Treasure Chests that will give you health upgrades.

Now in the story, you end up in a tornado, and in a swamp. This is where you meet some small creature you play as, to go into logs and chew at branches.

Final Say: I got bored of playing this game after an hour into it. I looked it up and I’m almost to the half way point in the game. So I’m seeing that this game is very short. After that review, the final question is, “Is this game worth $5?” I know a couple of you will run out and buy it, just to collect on the easy 1000 achievement points. Also if you are a fan of the show, you might enjoy the game more than I did. The game had some cool aspects, but bad controls. I would not recommend this game for $5, unless you like the show or if you’re crazy about achievement points.

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