Jul 15, 2009

Clearance Bin Video Game Review: Line Rider 2

Title: Line Rider 2: Unbound
System: Nintendo DS
Rating: E
Paid: $10

Review: Ever played Line Rider? Building tracks for your little sled guy to ride on. Ever wanted to see what the movie Better Off Dead would of been like with sleds? Ok for the people that have not seen the movie, you play as a sled guy. There is this hot shot sled guy and he is taking your girl! Now that the story is explained, onward to the review.

Since the original Line Rider was nothing except for what you created. In the DS version you have to collect gold and other assortment of things. After collecting everything you have to make it to the finish line. Watch the video below for a track someone made.

Ok there wasn't any gold in there, but imagine him collecting gold. Now I was not able to create anything that cool with this game. So you have to be an expert to be able to make something like that.

The controls are pretty bad. You have to use the DS stylus to make lines and when you need to connect lines... OMKTF can it be annoying! If you don't connect them perfectly, your sled guy will most likely fall between the two lines. This is the biggest complaint I have about this game. Sometimes it latches onto the other line for you and sometimes it doesn't. Something else that gets very annoying about this game is the music. Repetitive is a good word to describe what the music for this game is.

I got the bad out of the way, now to the good. Which is that it's a good game for picking up on the go and playing. You don't need to tell your friends or family to shut up before a cut scene, because I don't remember anyone talking. It's all just visual, plus you don't even need the sound on to enjoy this game. You would probably enjoy it better with the sound off. The game is enjoyable for when you do connect the lines. Collecting the gold coins is a new and fun twist to the original online Line Rider.

My Final Thought: This game does get repetitive, but it's a pretty cheap game new. I looked on Amazon and saw the DS and Wii versions were only $10. While the PC version was $40... $40!? Do they know about the Line Rider that is free on the computer? Before you run out and buy/rent try the free one and see if you like it.


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