Jul 30, 2009

Mario before Celeb Status

We all know that the original Donkey Kong was the first game to have Mario as a character. He then developed into having his own game in the arcades called Mario Bros. Mario wasn't the known celebrity that he is now, because lets face it, there are a lot of games Mario is in the title of. Before the release of Super Mario Bros for the NES, two other games came out. These games featured Mario, but did not feature his name in the title. I decided to take a look at these games and decided if they were wrong not to put Mario's name in it.

The First game is called Pinball. That's it for the name, they could of even fit Mario's name into it. Mario's Pinball would have a nice ring to it. Mario Pinball did in fact turn into a game for the Game Boy Advance, but that's for another day. So what is a Mario Pinball game like for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well you open up to the menu screen and you see no Mario. Just the word Pinball in big letters. As you start to play you notice no Mario as well. I kept playing and didn't see one glimpse of Mario. So did the title just put a picture of Mario in it for laughs? I kept playing to see if there was a second level of some sort and ended up landing the ball into this hole. I was lead to a Bonus game and here is where we see Mario!

Here we have Mario balancing a metal beam on his head (which I've never seen in any game before), with a ball bouncing from wall to wall off Mario to collect points. When the bonus stage ends, that's it! No more Mario.

Did this deserve Mario in the title?: No I guess not, don't even see the point of him being in there.

The next game we have is called Wrecking Crew. This game you actually play as Mario! You go around with a hammer and just smash things around you. While you're trying to destroy the objects around you, there are aliens or something that are trying to destroy you. Not much to say about this game, but at least it had Mario in it right?

Did this deserve Mario in the title?: Well of course! Mario's Wrecking Crew sounds like an awesome game to play. As for the game itself, it isn't a blast to play like Super Mario Bros (which was released the same year).

I know I just found out that these two games existed. I'm willing to guess they would of become more well known if Mario was in the title, but it's a nice piece of trivia to know - that Mario has more games than you expected.

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